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Nepleslian Medic

Unlike most marines and naval doctors, Marines and naval medical personnel are trained and sponsored by the Support, Aid, and Warden (SAW) Corps. The SAW corps often take promising military applicants and civilian personnel and trains them privately after their basic military training into one of two groups; Medics and Doctors who are both trained as part of SAWs Aid branch and both fall under the central corps branch of the DIoN military and are afforded special rights because of this.


For the training of support and aid personnel and their powers afforded to them see Support, Aid, and Warden (SAW) Corps


Medics are marines who taught more than simple battlefield first aid. Trained in life-saving combat triage and treatment the medic is the first step to saving an injured soldier. Paired in every marine squad or force sometimes even in pairs or more, combat medics stabilize injuries inflicted to marines in or out of combat that either don't require the professional work of a doctor or to stabilize and prepare them for further lifesaving aid down the line. They are essentially less trained doctors who know how to kill just as well as how to heal. Medics are taught about the various physiology of the races within the SMDIoN such as Nepleslians, ID-SOLs, Mutants, Jiyuuians, Neko, Lorath, and Delsaurians. They are fully trained in the use of all field and hospital equipment and are all issued a NAM NCS Hypolathe as standard life-saving equipment.

Specialty: Marine Doctor

A step beyond simple combat stabilizing and triage, Marine and Naval Doctors are the cream of the medical crop in the Democratic imperium and specialize in fields beyond simple medicine. These individuals are generally the ones who oversee a ship's med-bay or a marine field hospital and know their way around basic medical diagnostics to keep marines going when they get sick with the affliction of death. In this role, they set up field hospitals and aid stations and use their extra knowledge and specialist equipment to give them the capability to resurrect dead Marines using their cerebral chips with a cloning vat. They tend to oversee cybernetics implants as well as any medical attention needed beyond battlefield medicine.

These Marines attend the course for a full year and come out as licensed doctors. As such, they are allowed the MD suffix to their names. They are recognized by the Nepleslian Medical Association.

Doctors can also take the role of medics if they so choose and go out with or be stationed front line with marines if the fighting calls for heavy casualties or if a doctor so wishes to be a frontline surgeon or ensure the treatment is being done right the first time instead of simply entrusting it to a less trained professional like a common medic. Doctors can choose to be addressed as “Doctor” instead of their rank if they so choose but are not exempt from the chain of command and are not awarded any rank for being a doctor so will often start as private like all other marines or as a crewman if in the navy.


Doctors and medics have access to the same equipment each which is not limited to:

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