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Space Marine

The most common, basic, and dangerous, job in the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps is also its most important. Without space marines, there is no Nepleslian Space Marine Corps. And without the Marine Corps, there is no Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, because nations only exist in the war-torn Kikyo Sector when you defend them. The Space Marine is both infantry and an operator of power armor. It is their job to close with the enemy and defeat them in close combat.

Amidst the bullet-peppered, garbage-strewn streets of Funky City is a compound that trains men, women, cyborgs, mutants, aliens, machines, and whoever else is gutsy enough to fight for their country to become marines. They learn NSMC Skills including keeping physically fit, accurate with weapons, hip to military customs, and become at least somewhat professional when in their distinctive green uniform. They leave basic training with Nepleslian Standard Issue Equipment and are assigned to a unit.

From the Space Marine occupations other, more skilled and more specific, occupations become available (such as sniper) should a space marine wish to continue their training to a higher, more advanced, level.

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