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Nepleslian Pay Scales

This article details the pay rates for the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps and Nepleslian Star Navy.

For ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.

Pay GradeNSMCNSNWeeklyMonthly (x4)Elite (x3)

Starting in YE 43 the NSMC and NSN got pay raises for their enlisted personnel to better support the financial stability of the SMDIoNs enlisted backbone and to better compete with rival factions' pay scales.

Mission Bonus

Enlisted characters who perform above and beyond the average role player will receive pay bonuses after the mission is complete. These bonuses will be handed out at the discretion of the plot's Game Master. Examples of what could result in a bonus are:

  • Long, thoughtful posts that cause character development or plot progression
  • Regular, active posting that enhances the plot
  • Unique character development that deepens character interaction
  • Characters who perform above and beyond the call of duty in some way

Elite Honors

Characters who remain loyal to the Imperium's values, follow orders, enact strict combat discipline and live long enough to tell about it receive an Elite status. Elite entitles a soldier to receive triple his pay for dedicated service. Unlike the Mission Bonus which encourages well-thought posting and good role play. The Elite status awards those who stick to the “I.C.” of military role play. Though, like above, this raise will be handed out at the discretion of the plot's Game Master. Some of the many examples of what could result in this are:

  • Characters that follow the orders of their superiors as professional soldiers should.
  • Good portrayal of one's profession ICly, e.g., Tech Sentries, Medics, and Comm Officers.
  • Keeping the image of bad&#^ness that is being a Marine.
    • Marines are the outer space tough-guys of SARP, and the Imperium recognizes a good alpha male mentality.
    • This also applies in combat, as it is where Marines truly shine. Show people how an army of trained Power Armor pilots solves problems.
    • Causing a bar-fight, or civil dispute in any civilian establishment with the possibility of the arrest.
      • This one's a quality we like to suppress sometimes, but the point is that Marines don't take guff from no one.
  • Working as a team with your fellow squad mates.
  • Leaders who take advantage of soldier's unique specialties to enhance that teamwork.

This status can be removed at the GM's discretion.

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