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Nationwide Optimization of Medical Symbols Law

A policy that was passed quietly through the government of Nepleslia, the Nationwide Optimization of Medical Symbols ensured that all medical facilities and personnel — regardless of civilian, military, or government origin — must bear the national symbol of medicine within Nepleslia. This was put into effect in YE 40 by the New Yellow Relief and Developmental Society with the hope of further promoting a better life for the citizens of Nepleslia.

The National Symbol of Medicine for Nepleslia

A six-armed star, the national symbol of medicine for Nepleslia bears a rod and snake down the center. The symbol is often presented in red, but can be made alternate colors such as green, white, or blue.

The symbol itself was developed using a database of information regarding colors and shapes for medical iconography; specifically, it drew upon a six-armed star because of various pictures from Vordachibean encounters and their gruesome aftermath; the snake itself — ironically — was a snake wreathing a bone that the AI threw in as an image break-up. While at first the symbol was a bit confusing, initial testing with civilian centers through NYRDS neighborhoods without any posted notice saw more accurate assessments of locations as hospitals than before. Statistically speaking, Nepleslians were able to identify the buildings as hospitals for an increase of 6% clarity.

The Law

We — the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia — pass into law the required optimization and forced requirement of symbol modification throughout the entirety of the Imperium's borders. From this day forward, all medical facilities and personnel are required to do the following;

  1. Be equipped with the symbol herein detailed; superfluous information or organizational details may additionally be worn, however the previously noted symbol must be both presentable and visible whenever and wherever it may see use or be applicable to identification purposes.
  2. Must ensure that any medical equipment created or produced following the installation of this legislation bears the symbol herein detailed.
  3. Have completed the replacement of now-defunct medical symbols, to improve nation-wide standardisation and communications, by the first day of YE 45. Monthly planning lists must be presented to government officials within the next few months to facilitate the gradual removal of now-defunct medical symbols.

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