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Designated Tactical Response Teams

Established YE 38, Designated Tactical Response teams (DTR) are a branch of the National Police Force of Nepleslia created solely to respond to high risk situations that warranted a more heavily armed police presence. These all-purpose high risk responders are often activated when a situation is deemed severe enough to require a more intense approach in order to neutralize threats and maintain order.

DTR team members are handpicked by a veteran sergeant of the Police Force themselves and approved to be sent back to the academy for training duty by the Station Chief, Or chosen in rare cases during officer training at the academy when they show the right aptitude for the training and a high degree of skill compared to officers training to work the beat. Once approved for duty, DTR recruits mentally and physically evaluated thoroughly before undergoing an additional twelve weeks of training in order to prepare recruits for special situations. Recruits who exhibit proficiency within a certain area are given a choice to specialize within that area such as marksmen or EOD, although varying additional weeks of training may be added depending on the specialty.

DTR teams handle situations such as:

  • High Risk Warrants
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Terrorism Related Events
  • VIP Protection and Escort
  • Engaging Heavily Armed Shooters
  • Assaulting Barricaded Positions
  • Counter-Sniper Operations
  • Tactical Aerial Insertions
  • Perimeter Security
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Downed Officer/Civilian Extraction


Because DTR teams are their own branch within the Force, they have a different form of organization compared to the rest of the Force though some similarities continue to hold true. DTR teams still consist of five to eight officers per squad and continue to work in shifts within their designated precinct. Each district-precinct houses two to three total DTR teams. Depending on the number of DTR teams in a district, One to two DTR teams will always be held on standby and ready to be deployed at any time; Teams on standby reside within the district house. These teams after a twelve hour shift are then rotated out and replaced with the next DTR teams. Teams not on standby continue to conduct training exercises and drills to maintain their skills and are given time off. In times of extreme challenge however, all teams may be activated and deployed whether the team is currently on standby or not. If an active situation requiring DTR is occurring with standby teams deployed when the twelve hour shift is surpassed, the next rotation of DTR teams is still rotated in. The former standby teams will be relieved of standby once their objectives have been completed.

The DTR branch is split into three components.

  • One being the field team. The primary DTR officers that participate in raids and the high risk actions.
  • Another being the support team. The rear-line DTR officers such as marksmen, EOD, Or those deemed to be too important to soak up the fire with the front line.
  • And the last being the temporary special dispatch team. The special teams are often reserve DTR teams from the next shift or beat-cops held in reserve if the emergency calls for more bodies on a strict timefrime.

In terms of leadership structure, a Station Chief is always in command of his or her DTR team and commands them from the Precinct house much the same way a general leads marines.The backbone of the DTR teams however remain with the NCOs who handpicks and leads his or her own DTR team and usually has a military background.

See Nepleslian Police Ranks for more details on each rank.

Special Roles

Special roles within the the DTR field teams include:

  • Ordnance Expert (EOD, Explosives)
  • Designated Marksman (Mid to Long Range Engagement)
  • Assaultman (Close Quarters Specialization, Breacher)
  • Field Medic (Provides On Scene Medical Assistance, Until paramedics arive)
  • General Technician (Operates Advanced Machinery or Technology)

Each role may be called upon to form a temporary special dispatch team depending on the need and can be picked from other DTR field teams.

If a DTR team is missing the required role during or for a mission, a special dispatch team may be deployed along with the deploying field team.

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