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Nepleslian Military Ranks

This article details the rank structure of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, which includes the Nepleslian Star Navy and the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps.

NSMC InsigniaNSN Insignia

Nepleslian Ranks

The ranks of Nepleslia were changed in fall YE 37 to provide a more simplified and sensible structure. These took full effect shortly before the start of YE 38. A conversion chart from the older rank system the is available on this page: old Nepleslian ranks.

Note: For pay grades, see Nepleslian Pay Scales.

Grade Navy Rank Marine Rank Notes
O7 Grand Admiral Field Marshal Commands a fleet or Shaik
O6 Admiral General Commands a naval division or a Marine division
O5 Rear Admiral Colonel Commands a naval squadron/task force or a Marine brigade
O4 Captain (NSN) Major Commands a warship/task force or a Marine battalion
O3 Commander Captain (NSMC) Commands a warship or a Marine company
O2 Lieutenant (NSN) Lieutenant (NSMC) Leads a division of sailors or a platoon of Marines
O1 Ensign Second Lieutenant Second in command of a division of sailors or a platoon of Marines, learns from the Lieutenant
E6 Master Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant You're highly experienced and hardcore.
E5 Chief Petty Officer Sergeant First Class You've got multiple squads under you. Lead, push, and teach the E4s.
E4 Petty Officer Sergeant You're in charge of a couple teams. Keep them alive.
E3 Senior Crewman Corporal You've got the minimum abilities to lead. Show the privates how it's done.
E2 Crewman Private First Class You've got skills and are learning how to lead.
E1 Junior Crewman Private You're new and learning your job.

Marine Ranks

Grade Abbreviation Insignia Rank Name Rank Flag
O7 FM Field Marshal
O6 GEN General
O5 COL Colonel
O4 MAJ Major
O3 CAPT Captain (NSMC)
O2 LT Lieutenant (NSMC)
O1 2LT Second Lieutenant
E6 MSGT Master Sergeant
E5 SFC Sergeant First Class
E4 SGT Sergeant
E3 CPL Corporal
E2 PFC Private First Class
E1 PVT Private
Grade Abbreviation Insignia Rank Name Rank Flag
O7 GADM Grand Admiral
O6 ADM Admiral
O5 RADM Rear Admiral
O4 CAPT Captain
O3 CMDR Commander
O2 LT Lieutenant
O1 ENS Ensign
E6 MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer
E5 CPO Chief Petty Officer
E4 PO Petty Officer
E3 SCM Senior Crewman
E2 CM Crewman
E1 JCM Junior Crewman

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