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The Na-J3 “Courier” is the most recent update in a series of power armor scale bipedal robots originally deployed in YE 33 by Nepleslian Arms and Munitions to carry heavy support gear in a ground based power armor support role and to provide a compact, but mobile fire support platform to unpowered infantry. The Na-J3 sees use by Nepleslian and PMC forces in early YE 38.

Key Features

  • Customizable
  • Affordably Cheap
  • Reliable
  • Compatibility with several existing weapons systems
  • Higher overall strategic mobility on roads

History and Background

} Although the Na-J2 proved to be a 'good enough' disposable weapons platform for scenarios such as boarding actions, the design had several shortcomings that needed to be addressed; it couldn't get up if it was toppled due to a lack of arms -which caused no measurable amount of frustration from the marines employing these assets who had to manually set the robot straight again- and, among other minor issues, couldn't adjust its height without compromising overall gun elevation or depression. With that in mind, plans to replace the outdated Ichabod were on the drawing board as far back as YE 36, and the Na-J3 was the result of that.

The NA-J3 bipedal robot represents the latest update its predecessor. Designed to be a compact weapons or utility platform on cramped, uneven or otherwise any other terrain that would be unfeasible for a vehicle to operate in by carrying essential gear, ammunition, and other mission-critical items or bringing in a durable heavy fire support medium. The Courier is larger, more well protected, and more powerful than its previous iteration, featuring numerous modernizations and upgrades while still maintaining its relative compactness to bring it in line with new Nepleslian military standards in YE 38.

By being comparably cheaper than buying a vehicle, the Na-J3 is also favorite among PMCs that can't or don't want to afford expensive power armors as a force multiplier.

About the Na-J3

The Na-J3 can be considered the bigger and meaner brother of the Na-J2, being at least a foot taller than its predecessor when it has its weapons mounted. It features a larger customizability by making its core components modular, which allow any use to replace them with systems from other manufactures as long as they have the know-how to do it. Due to that, it is easy for NAM to produce them, which brings its commercial selling price to being relatively cheap to a costumer that doesn't want to spend money on power armor or won't be able to use vehicles.

Like its previous model, it retained the same bipedal configuration, but with a few differences. The leg joints were readapted for a three-section limb configuration with four joints. This was done so that the foremost limb could adjust its height by simply slidding the middle limb up or down, which did not sacrifice giving up on either gun elevation or gun depression. To further improve on its strategic mobility, Na-J3s are also fitted with one roadwheel behind each leg and a smaller one behind each “feet”, allowing it to “sit” on its foreleg and drive efficiently through roads or flat terrain, negating the logistical needs of having each unit be transported over long distances unless they need to be airdropped.

Another new feature was the possibility of “attaching” one Courier to the other, transforming both bipedal platforms into a single, quadrupedal platform instead. This has the added benefit of, for instance, allowing the two Na-J3s working together to carry more cargo than two operating separately. To compound on the customization of the robot, additional weapon or utility mount can be mounted on either side of it, as long as the user is willing to spend the extra money to outfit it. It is also possible for troops to “ride” the utility models, but that is not endorsed by the designers at NAM.

When it comes to design, the Na-J3 is pretty straightforward. Both UCF units are located to either side behind the unit, with their exhaust ports facing behind and down, while the top panel covering it can easily be removed to allow the user to replace it with the power supply of his choosing. The AI core is located on the middle, to the front and between both power units in the most protected area of the unit, while the main and auxiliary optical units and their electronics are located on the front and above, under the arc of the Universal Weapon Mount, which, in case it has an energy weapon equipped, has a capacitor that draws power directly from the two reactors. The VSPs are located on the sides flanking the AI Core.

Basic Stats


  • Height (basic): 165cm (5'5“) when “naked”, 180cm (5'11”) when fitted with weapons, although it can adjust its own height.
  • Weight: 400 lbs (unloaded and unarmored, up to 800 loaded. Can carry up to 2000 lbs of cargo individually, each)
    • Manipulator carry weight: 150lbs per limb
    • Industrial Manipulator carry weight: 500lbs per limb
  • Speed: 32 MPH (Running on flat terrain), 50MPH (Road mode)
  • Armor: ADR 8 (Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel0 with appliqué armor)
  • Shields: Can mount 2 VSPs
  • Operational Range: 1 day of uninterrupted use

Base Equipment

Common Variants


This base stock model comes with the basic equipment listed above, which can be customized to fit the user's preferences. The option to buy only the chassi, without any of the electronics or power supply also exists, which allows, from the get-go, for the buyer to outfit their Na-J3 with the compact power supply, optics and electronics of their choosing.


The standard combat variant of the Na-J3 comes with the applique durandium blocks covering the front, side and front legs of the robot. It features one universal weapon mount on the top along with a monoeye on the front of the robot to supplement its existing optics. This weapon mount can be fitted with a variety of weapons system, with the possibility of installing secondary mounts on each side of the Na-J3, although these are limited to more compact systems such as the Minimissile system or a cheaper grenade launcher.

The model comes with a gifted M3 Assault Weapon System, but can be mounted with a plethora of existing weapons system. All of the NAM infantry, and some of the lighter end of Power Armor weapons already come preconfigured in the Na-J3s database, but more exotic weapons outside NAM need to be configured and calibrated by the user, or downloaded from an already configured existing unit and instaled into the Na-J3 to be used effectively. Installing the weapons without the pre-configuration is not advised, but possible at the risk of collateral damage or friendly fire.

These are some, but not all, of the weapon systems that can be mounted per Universal Weapon Mount:


The utility variant of the courier is intended to serve as a compact cargo mule, offering support to infantry on uneven terrain or cramped areas such as the slums of funky city in mind. To facilitate on loading and unloading of cargo, it has two extra service arms, and a stronger, bigger mechanical arm to lift the heavier cargo.


The police variant of the Na-J3 is meant to be a common asset for the NPF, acting as a mobile cover for the Police Officer by having a ballistic shield mounted where the Universal Weapon Mount ought to be. Also capable of bringing firepower of its own independently, the Na-J3P also comes with a standard Grenade Launcher on each side, and can fire these weapons both by manual command from its police operator, or when the onboard AI judges it to be the best call to do so.


Equipped with a Brainspammer kit instead of weapons, this variant of the Na-J3 features a stronger communications suite alongside it, serving as a “relay” in commanding and controlling the other units nearby as well as applying the necessary ECM against enemy forces. To improve its survivability in the lack of a weapons systems, it comes with appliqué Durandium armor instead of Durandium and an extra VSP.

Components and Pricing

Weapon prices come separetly.

Spare Components or Conversion Kits

  • Appliqué Durandium Armor - 150 DA
  • Monoeye System - 500 DA
  • Combat Conversion Kit - 1200 DA
  • Utility Conversion Kit - 700 DA
  • Spare VSP - 400 DA
  • Brainspammer ECM Projector Kit - 3000 DA
  • Mobile Cover Kit - 500 DA
  • Add-on Minimissile Pod (carries 20) - 1200 DA


  • Na-J3 “Shell” Chassi - 300 DA
  • 'Naked' Na-J3 - 1000 DA
  • Na-J3U - 1500 DA
  • Na-J3C - 2000 DA (Comes with a congratulatory M3 AWS)

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2016/04/02 23:59 by Foxtrot813 and his homie Born-on-board.

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