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Nepleslian Senate

The senate of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia rules and senators are outlined in this article.


The rules of the senate must be followed by every senator.

  1. Each Senator may cast one vote for each initiative, which may be “Pass”, “Reject”, or “Abstain”. The only vote which may be changed on an unamended initiative is a vote to abstain.
  2. Senators must be present either in person or via encrypted long-distance communication. Senators must cast their vote directly, without aid of a proxy.
  3. In order to amend the Imperium's Constitution or go to war, the Senate must pass an initiative with a super majority of 66% or greater total votes in favor of passing. This rule may also be applied to defense alliances and tax increases, but not tax decreases.
  4. For updates to existing laws, budgets, and miscellaneous initiatives, only a strict majority is required.
  5. At the beginning of every session, Senators must attend a role-call. Only those present at the role-call may participate in that Senatorial session. Late comers may be admitted if a motion to admit is passed by strict majority.
  6. There is no time limit on Senatorial proceedings. Senators must remain in the building until a bill is passed, rejected, or a motion to delay voting is passed.
  7. As long as they remain within the chambers, Senators attending in person may move freely about the floor during proceedings. There is no assigned seating.
  8. Senators who leave the proceedings before they conclude are automatically locked in with a vote to abstain. Senators using remote communication will have powerful, portable redundant connections provided to safeguard their votes in case of power failure or military action.
  9. Senators will be permitted access to a personal device with which to view responses to current proceedings, letters from constituents, fact-checking information, and various other communications.
  10. A single, unoccupied brown leather chair is to be placed at all proceedings. This chair is to remain unoccupied at all times. It is representative of the senators lost during the NMX attacks on Funky City in YE 32.

OOC Rules

Posters have up to one week to join in any given debate for their senator to be counted as present and take part in deliberations, this exists so low interest bill threads can proceed with minimal interruption. Any player interested in participating on a bill, yet unable to write a full argument or deliberation should communicate with other players to let them know that they need to hold off on passing or defeating a bill.

List of Senators

A suggestion on organization: Senators should represent systems, not planets– the exception being that there are multiple major population centers in one system.

Nepleslia Core Angelo Barton Gunhand4171
Nepleslia Prime Alyssa McBeal Ametheliana
Kennewes OPEN
Kovax OPEN
Fortuna Legix
Pasco OPEN
Breaker's Point OPEN
Purgatory OPEN
Longwatch OPEN

OOC Notes

This page was created by Ametheliana and based on a wip page by Deathevn.

Approved here.

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