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Freedom Ensurance Act


As per the instruction of Premier Davis, here is presented a piece of legislation meant to expand the power and usefulness of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It shall be implemented immediately upon passage.

Article I - Universal

Section A - Facilities

  • New ship-building facilities within Tienshinhan Star Fortresses must be constructed above all Nepleslian worlds, with a total of two of these stations per world. This shall be enacted over the course of the following year to give adequate production time.
  • All Nepleslian military facilities will be outfitted with automated countermeasures to intrusion.

Section B - Personnel

  • Mandatory monthly IPG-conducted medical and psyche evaluations of all executive aides and officers.
  • Mandatory annual IPG-conducted medical and psyche evaluations of all Nepleslian military personnel.
  • Mandatory background checks will be given to all soldiers.

Section C - Resource Procurement

  • Under the new plans for expansion of the Imperium, new worlds will devote at least 20 percent of their surface area to concerted resourcing operations to be overseen by DIoN and NAM officials.

Article II - Military

Section A - Personnel

  • All Naval personnel should be instructed in basic use of Power Armor, should they be required to utilize it in a combat situation.
  • Navy personnel must have at least basic knowledge of how to repair ship systems in case of damage during combat.
  • Commanding Officers of SMoDIN ships must have their Cerebral Chip data updated to both the IPG.SecureNET and central SMoDIN mainframes after all combat missions as soon as reporting to a home port.
  • In the case of a mutiny, all mutinous crew will be charged with High Treason, murder (if applicable), and attempted murder charges, without regard to the success of the attempt.
  • Officers will be administered psyche exams determining them capable to lead their men efficiently, and be barred a command position if they have a tendency to cause strife amongst crews. This is meant to raise morale and prevent mutinies.
  • The Star Military will increase its numbers by one half of its current strength.

Section B - Starships

  • SMoDIN ships must receive anti-boarding countermeasures, protecting at least 70% of the starships interior.
    • These countermeasures must be automated.
    • Areas that must be protected include the bridge of the vessel, along with all access points, as well as crew quarters, the starship AI, and Power Armor/ Shuttle bays.
  • SMoDIN ships will be issued an order to auto-destruct should the vessel be boarded or similarly attacked by unconquerable odds.
  • The Navy will quadruple its ship numbers.

Section C - Powered Armor

  • All powered armor must have an MEC system installed.
  • All powered armor must be inspected and approved as combat and operation-ready by a NAM employee.
  • All powered armor must be given a “kill function”, to self-destruct in the event of being shot down after ejecting the MEC.


  • All combat fleets will consist of 600 warships or less.
  • All Marine armies will consist of 5,000,000 marines or less.

Article IV - Intelligence and Security

:!: This article is for the eyes of the Nepleslian Senators only, and is heavily encrypted. :!:

The Yamataian Star Army Intelligence agency is quite possibly the biggest threat to Nepleslian assets in the universe at large. As signified by their false-flag attack, they can do any number of terrible things to the Imperium, and as signified by the refusal of the Yamataian government to surrender or identify the perpetrators of this attack, they do not care too much about it. Judging by review of footage from the conference, the Yamataian government only admitted to the attack due to threats from the Mishhuvurthyar Melisson. We must take steps to protect our empire and our people from this menace, as well as others.

  • Closely monitor all starships entering and leaving Nepleslian space. This will include bio scans.
  • Establish interdiction perimeter around all Nepleslian worlds, necessitating jumping into the outmost reaches of a system, to buy defenders a chance to mobilize before being overrun by enemy forces.
  • Creation and implementation of private gate network, run by the Nepleslian government. This will allow the Imperium the chance to block undesirable instantaneous travel to and from our planets.
  • Doubling the size and range of the Plan A Kante defense network.
  • Tripling personnel of the Star Military of Nepleslia Intelligence and Pacification Group.
  • Active search-and-destroy missions against Nepleslian Red Remnant within Nepleslian and neutral space.
  • Active search-and-destroy missions against SAINT operational cells within Nepleslian space.

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