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The C3B is an extensively designed starship designed to improve upon starship layouts, design techniques and to create products that can be used to decrease the time it takes to update and create ships.


New Products

Na-C3-A3101 Standard Armoring Format
Na-C3-A3102 Combat Armor Format
Na-C3-A3103 Damage Control Format
Na-C3-E3101 Drei Small Computer Core
Na-C3-E3102 Highground Suite
Na-C3-E3103 Sensor Cluster
Na-C3-E3104 Command Distribution System
Na-C3-E3105 Interior Sensor Format
Na-C3-G3101 Hyperspace Tap
Na-C3-G3102 Power and Cooling Grid
Na-C3-G3103 Radiator Wing
Na-C3-G3104 Mini-Geni
Na-C3-H3103 Quicklock
Na-C3-I3102 Chair
Na-C3-I3104 Crew Module
Na-C3-M3101 Liquid Storage Tank
Na-C3-M3102 Emergency Stasis Tube
Na-C3-M3103 Grappler Launcher
Na-C3-M3104 Standard Airlock
Na-C3-P3101 510nm Laser Engine
Na-C3-P3102 Fusion Engine
Na-C3-S3101 Standard Shield Node
Na-C3-r3101 Inertial Dampener
Na-C3-V3102 Designer Atmosphere
Na-C3-V3103 Hydroponics Node
Na-C3-X3101 Data Escape Pod

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