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Na-M/V-E3600 Brainspammer

Created in YE 36 by state run NAM as part of the badly needed Hostile Upgrade Package, the Brainspammer Electronic Warfare Suite is a more robust ECM suite intended to compliment the new ACE combat AI. The Brainspammer replaces and improves upon the earlier and outdated Noisemaker system, while incorporating elements from the tried and true yet flawed Mass Mesher Device.


The Brainspammer is a combination of old and new technology, using off the shelf components in conjunction with newly developed ones to achieve a complete, battle ready system.

Function and Design

Off the shelf components include the Noisemaker, which is used to jam signals when stealth isn't necessary; and the Mass Mesher, which is used to help the host unit blend in in combination with the NAM Fluctuating Pigmentation Coating "Snakeskin".

To compliment these off the shelf parts, new additions were made. These new systems in the Brainspammer include:

  • Archives and databases of cyberspace attack software and methods, used to bring the fight to the enemy electronically
  • A series of improved firewall and cybersecurity systems to defeat incoming cyberwarfare
  • Robust multi-spectrum counter jamming emitters to cut through dense jamming.
  • An active and passive dual mode system which have different functions based on the needs of the unit.
    • Passive Mode monitors digital and electronic traffic to and from the target, and sneaks its attacks in by way of piggybacking on legitimate data or by disguising attacks as legitimate traffic. Passive Mode is slow, but stealthy and runs a lessened risk of detection.
    • Active Mode is a full brute force style that does away with any sort of stealth or subtlety to launch open, full force attacks on target systems and electronics with as many differing attack vectors as possible. Active mode is very overt, but acts fast and has a chance to overwhelm targets with the sheer number of attacks.

None of the attack vectors integrated into Brainspammer may be activated while Noisemaker is active. The broadband signal jamming from Noisemaker affects signal traffic from the hosting unit as well.


The Brainspammer is not available to civilian customers.

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