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The Na-K4 is a high end hover tank built by NAM for use by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in YE 32 as a planet-based fast anti-armor vehicle with limited troop deployment capability. It has proven itself to be a reliable and capable platform, though somewhat fragile when facing more heavily armed and armored opponents. Nonetheless, its speed and versatility have endeared the K4 to its crews.

History and Background

In YE 32, escalation of ground conflicts between everything from heavily armed NMX combat forces to unlawful citizens had begun overwhelming the level of firepower and protection provided by power armors. Rather than focusing entirely on power armor development, NAM began plans to create a series of ground vehicles in early YE 31 including a tank capable of supporting power armored forces. The T1 "Norris" Tank was soon developed but even its wide tracks could get bogged down on some of the worse Nepleslian roads outside of the city, some of which existed as little more than watery mud. Alternate modes of transport were discussed and eventually it was decided to develop an air cushion based vehicle to better deal with the harsh terrain.

By mid YE 32 the hover tank program had finally produced its vehicles, designed for power armor support and for navigating the dangerous streets of Nepleslia.

The K4 saw limited deployments throughout the years. It began to see more use when Nepleslian units started going on the offensive against the NMX in YE 34 and YE 35. On SC-4 (Mwigflukbajik), the K4 proved to be a versatile combatant, faring well against NMX infantry and light mecha. However, when confronted by prepared, static defenses or heavy mecha such as the NMX "Ravager" Mecha, the K4 proved too fragile to support the infantry without suffering considerable losses. The 3rd Marines' tanks were badly mauled by NMX defensive positions including placed turrets and hidden AAA positions during Operation Roundhouse. Their continuous attacks, and mounting losses, allowed the Marine infantry to advance with greater speed through the NMX web of fortresses towards their central citadel.


K4a ‘Sprite’ Hover Tank
K4a2 ‘Super Sprite’ Hover Tank
K4b ‘Fairy’ Hover APC
K4c ‘Imp’ Mobile Missile Battery
K4d ‘Pixie’ Anti-Orbit Laser
K4e ‘Huldra’ Mobile Armory
K4f ‘Good Folk’ Medical Transport
K4g 'Elf' KFY Variant

About the K4

The K4 is a machine designed to handle the rough roads, and sometimes lack thereof, on Nepleslia. It is armored enough to withstand small arms fire and fast enough to provide ground transport. Variants of the K4 come with enough firepower to deal with power armored threats to enough space to provide room for a squad of soldiers.

Engines on the rear and underside are combined with various control surfaces to provide atmospheric flight capabilities to a small extent. Enough power is available to lift the K4 a few hundred meters into the air but it is not intended for flight. Instead, it is intended to use controlled drops and its own power to safely land when dropped from low orbit. The engines can even be configured for underwater operations with the flick of a switch. Naturally the top hover height of these tanks depends on the thickness of the atmosphere.

Combat and usage of the K4 varies wildly between models. The K4b “Fariy” model trades weapons for personnel carrying capability while the K4a “Sprite” model contains direct fire weapons for anti-armor engagements. The heavier K4C 'Imp' carries a variety of missile weapons for long range support or anti-starship engagements. All versions have equipment storage on the rear along with an access door that opens downwards to create a ramp to provide access. Rear tail lights and laser systems that double as flood lights elevate the K4 series to street legal status on Yamatai.

The pilot and crew also have the option of wearing powered armor while inside of the K4. Combined with shields, defensive systems, and high end electronics the survival odds for crew are significantly better than for conventional tanks. 360 degree sensors, computer aided controls, large side mounted airbrakes, small wings, and powerful engines all help the pilot control the craft while on the ground or in the air, helping adjust thrust and surfaces as necessary to prevent roll overs and unwanted movements.

Statistical Information

Government: DIoN
Organization: SMoDIN
Type: Tank
Class: K4
Designer: NAM, Bodytailor Orion 72-3933-9428, Heram J. Wazu, Drei, The Free State, AwesomeCorp.
Manufacturer: NAM
Production: 30 for initial production run; now in mass production

Crew: 2
Maximum Capacity: 3 power armored soldiers (or 6 unarmored for “Fairy” variant.)
Appearance: The main body of the K4 is a heavily angular box with two small wings on either side and a pentagonal turret on top. Air breaks, engines, and other gear sticks out from the main body.

The Interior has a chair in the front left for the pilot with a semi-transparent armored cockpit bubble that allows for vision in low power conditions, but normally is used to project sensor data. The Commander's chair is towards the center and is elevated into the turret slightly. Both are surrounded by various pieces of exposed machinery and power transfer systems. Pilots often have to climb over or around gear to reach their chairs. In the back are 2 Na-C3-I3102 chairs facing each other on opposite sides of the craft. A third person can sit on the floor barely.
Length: 5m
Width: 3.3
Height: 2.5m

Ground speed: 190km/h
Air speed: Mach .9
Zero Atmosphere: N/A

Hull Strength:ADR 20
Shield Strength: ADR 20
Shield Mitigation: 2

Systems Descriptions

Critical Equipment:

Armor: Durandium Alloy, Reactive Armor Blocks (on turret). x22
Computer: Drei
Communications: Courier Communication Suite
Engines: Na-K7-P3104 x4
Life Support: Na-C3-V3102 (minus waste disposal and water systems)
Power: NAM Ultra Compact Fusion Generator

Special Equipment:

Chairs: Na-C3-I3102 x2
External Interface (rear): AwesomeCorp DataJockey
Radar (Surface): Na-K4-E3200 x3
Radar (Ground Penetrating): Na-K4-E3201
Search Light: Search Light x1
Sensors: "Monoeye" Directional Sensor Suite, DESCO ball turretx2
Shields: Combined Barrier System (Nepleslia)
Smoke Sceen: Na-K1-M3101 x3
Stealth Coating: NAM Fluctuating Pigmentation Coating "Snakeskin"
Tow Cable: Na-K1-M3100


Developed in YE 32, the K4A is a light tank with a variety of weapons and the ability to get into areas that would bog other vehicles down. Its light armor is well compensated for with defensive lasers, heavily sloped front armor, and a good top speed. Versatility and its ability to keep pace with power armors allowed the K4 to quickly gain popularity over the more conventional T1 Norris

Weapons Systems


Developed late YE32, the K4A2 is an upgraded version of the K4A, filling the same role but adding additional firepower and capabilities. The engine coverings were redesigned, adding coverings to help protect against damage from debris, external speakers and microphones were added, tie down holes were put in place to allow for easier transport, small secondary lasers were added to ‘blind’ targets and numerous defensive, offensive, and sensor upgrades were included.

Other Images

Special Equipment:

Armor: Turret Skirt, Engine Coverings.
Chairs: Na-C3-I3102 x2
External Interface (rear): AwesomeCorp DataJockey
Loudspeaker: Na-K4-M3200 Loudspeaker x3
Maneuvering Thrusters: Na-T2-P3200 x6 small
Radar (Surface): Na-K4-E3200 x3
Radar (Ground Penetrating): Na-K4-E3201
Search Light: Search Light x1
Sensors: "Monoeye" Directional Sensor Suitex6, DESCO ball turretx4, Microphones x2, Radiation Dosimeter Patchx4, Na-K4-E3202 Weather Sensorx1
Shields: Combined Barrier System (Nepleslia)
Smoke Sceen: Na-K1-M3101 x11
Stealth Coating: NAM Fluctuating Pigmentation Coating "Snakeskin"
Tow Cable: Na-K1-M3100
Transport: Tie down holes x4

Weapons Systems


The K4B is an APC based on the K4 body developed in YE 32. The main weapon systems have been replaced with a single automated machinegun and a laser turret. The extra space inside has been converted to store passengers. 6 power armored soldiers or 8 individuals can ride aboard the K4B in addition to a driver and commander/gunner.

Weapons Systems


The K4C was developed in YE 32 and is a W3101 Missile Battery mounted ontop of a K4B body. It is similar to the K4b in every way except the top mounted weapons are mounted further forward and it lacks the same level of troop carying capability, able to handle only a single power armored solder or two unarmored soldiers in addition to the pilot and commander/gunner.

Weapons Systems


The K4D was developed in YE 32 for air defense operations. It is armed with an extremely powerful laser capable of striking targets in orbit around a planet, damaging landing craft, or knocking missiles out of the sky. It can carry two power armored soldiers or three unarmored solders in addition to a driver and commander. Other than the main laser, it is armed with a remote operated machine gun, a defensive laser on the underside, and the same missile launchers as the K4a. The turret design is specifically designed for long range engagements, and can not aim low enough to hit targets below the top of the vehicle.

Weapons Systems


The K4E was developed in YE 32 as a pure power armor support vehicle. It is equipped with two small mechanical arms for power armor repair and to load/distribute the supplies it carries. The open rear area of the k4e can carry 10 power armor assault rifles of various types, thousands of rounds of ammunition, two spare power armors and a hundred gallons of liquids all of which is safely stored away by the commander of the vehicle using the robotic arms and can be quickly distributed to power armored squads in the same way. Though it can not sustain the same drop from orbit maneuvers as the other K4 series vehicles, it can act as a small mobile supply depot for soldiers already in the field. The K4E is equipped with the defensive laser, remote operated machine gun, and the missile launchers but lacks the 'main weaponry' of other models. The K4E also lacks a rear access hatch, requiring the pilot and commander to both squeeze into the vehicle through the top access hatch above the commander's seat.

Weapons Systems


The K4F is an unarmed medical transport developed in YE 32 to support ground operations. It has an enlarged cabin providing enough space for a pilot, two medical officers, and two stretchers on either side of the main cabin. However, each stretcher must be picked up and taken out of the vehicle single file for it to fit out the exit door.

Weapons Systems

  • Unarmed


Produced by NAM and modified by KFY, the Elf is the version of the K4 currently in service with the Star Army of Yamatai. It was originally given as a gift to Hanako during Nepleslia/Yamatai treaty negotiations and was given the name 'Elf' as a reference to Hanako's involvement.

Other Images

Special Equipment

Weapon Systems

  • Fully stabilized 105mm Gauss/Plasma Cannon, ADR 4 (50+ rounds, range of 18 km)
  • Optional missile launchers (12 missiles per launcher for a total of 24)
  • Missile Racks: ebr-01ax2 launchers, x16 missiles
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