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NAM Na-LRMS-XX "Curbstomper" Long-Ranged Missile System


A large, powerful missile launching system mounted on Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia vessels, the “Curbstomper” is also linked into a small dedicated manufacturing facility which produces extra ordinance while in the field. Another standard feature are the missile storage banks, which are small rooms with independent shielding suites, as well as extreme amounts of armor plating. These holding chambers are capable of holding ten torpedoes. Another feature constant to this system is a damper field that is constantly in place, to defend against scalar radiation.

Optional Missile Payloads

Interceptor Torpedo

Originally designed for the N-F/A-01, these missiles were more widely adopted due to their extreme power and usefulness. These weapons carry their own onboard AI and FTL system, shield generators (DR of 4), armor plating (DR of 6), dampener field, Hyperspace tap, and directed interdiction beam. Once within range of a target the missile will detonate its hyperspace tap, creating a 60mile in diameter blast of energy designed to deal considerable damage to enemy ships.

  • Primary Role: Anti-Starship
  • Secondary Role: Anti-Shield
  • Damage Rating Value: DR 9
  • Range: limited only by speed (18,000c)

Anti-Ship Torpedoes

Anti-Ship Torpedos combine an internal AI, self contained movement systems, and powerful directed energy weapons in a single package designed specifically to destroy ships.

Each torpedo has a small quick burning rocket for acceleration and a small FTL system to provide conventional ‘distortion’ based FTL towards a target. The torpedo uses a dual charge directed explosive warhead powered directly by a series of fusion generators inside of the torpedo. After detonation the spent torpedo burns out all of its critical technology and the empty hulk remains.

  • Primary Role: Star base and capital ship killing
  • Secondary Role: ‘Spike’ Damage.
  • Damage Rating Value: DR 8
  • Blast Radius: .01Degree directed cone.
  • Range: ~.8au
  • Maximum Velocity: 18,000c

Trepanation Wormhole Missile

This missile type deals no damage to enemy vessels directly, but it does work to collapse the shields that may protect them from further harm. The Trepanation missile works on a similar principle to those used by both SMX and SAoY units, but on a larger scale. These torpedoes tend to pack a very large punch when they come in contact with shields, usually capable of taking down full-size starship shields with one shot. The missiles themselves are out-fitted with a targeting and control AI, Durandium Alloy armor, a damper field generator, and an FTL system.

  • Primary Role: Anti-shield
  • Secondary Role: Anti-FTL
  • Range: Limited only by speed
  • Maximum Velocity: 18,000c

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