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Designated Sharpshooter Rifle, Model 1

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Don John
  • Name: DSR-01
  • Type: Bolt Action Rifle
  • Role: Sniper Rifle
  • Length: 28 inches, extends to 29 inches
  • Barrel Length: 22 inches
  • Mass: 5.12 lbs
  • ROF: Depends how fast the shooter can work the bolt

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: 7.8x74mm Magnum

Firing Mechanism
Bolt Action

Typically, the bolt consists of a tube of metal inside of which the firing mechanism is housed, and which has at the front or rear of the tube several metal knobs, or “lugs”, which serve to lock the bolt in place. The bolt is manually rotated and pulled back. When this happens, the round in an internal or box magazine is pushed up via tension in the spring in said magazine. When the bolt is pushed forward, it pushes the round into the chamber and locks once rotated into the proper position. All types of firearms have bolt-action varieties, but bolt actions are most common in rifles.

Ammunition Description

  • Caliber: 7.80x74mm Magnum
  • Effective Range 800 Meters
  • Maximum Range: 1000 Meters
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3,415 FPS
  • Muzzle Blast: Extremely loud bang, bright muzzle flash.
  • Firing Mode: Bolt Action
  • Recoil: Heavy.

7.80x74mm Magnum

An extremely high velocity round, coming in a variety of different grains from 120-200 grains. Loaded with 120 grain bullets, can achieve nearly 4,000 fps velocity, though at such speeds there is a possibility such a light bullet will fragment upon impact. Visual Description: Copper heads set in a brass case, with red ballistic tips on each bullet. Ammo: 4 in internal box magazine, 1 in chamber. Damage Description: High velocity rounds capable of penetrating heavy body armor at close range, and light armor at longer ranges. PDR: 4

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, Located on the right side of the gun, in front of the bolt. Fire Mode Selector: None, bolt action. Weapon Sight: Green Band 7-25x50mm Scope, with NV and IR filters Attachment Hard Points: Accepts scope on the top of the receiver, accepts bipod on the bottom of stock forend.


Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and clean after every mission, taking care to scrub the barrel, bolt, and receiver down. All other repairs, including ones to the scope are to be carried out by armorer.


Pricing: 250 DA

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