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Neshaten Ammunition

The following is a list of ballistic ammunition used by the Neshaten, it should be noted that Ballistic Ammo is a rarity for the Neshaten given their hard-usage of energy weapons and swords, usually only weapons of a long range nature like sniper rifles or sniper cannons use ballistic ammo, but that doesn’t mean other weapons won’t appear that use the same ammo.

The Neshaten are always experimenting to find new types of ammunition to use in the few ballistic based weaponry they have, mainly becuase while they favor the energy based weapons they understand that sometimes something bigger and more powerful is needed to get the job done.

Pistol Ammo

None exists.

Rifle Ammo

Machine Gun Ammo

Cannon Ammo

Recoilless Ammo

Flak Ammo

Tank Ammo

Space Artillery Munitions

MAC Ammo

This area lists all of the ammunition used by the Neshaten Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, some ammunition can be shared.

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