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Asurataee Stealth Coating

:!: This is a GM restricted item and requires the permission of the faction manager in order to use.

Named after Asura'taee Juime'shatane, the Asurataee Stealth Coating is a two-part stealth based system utilized by and only for Or'ion based fleets in order to keep their ships hidden from both friendly and potentially enemy detection systems. Research is ongoing to improve this stealth system.

The coating was invented in ER 768 and has seen only refits and upgrades sense.

Stealth Paint

The stealth paint first stage is it's rader and sensor absorbing material, coated onto the armor plating of a starship or structure, the coating absorbs the waves given off by traditional detection systems and helps to hide the object from electronic detection. The coating is matte-black, with no reflective surfaces on it.

A ship has sharp edges on it, then additional plates of armor are added to 'smooth' out those edges to better reduce it's rader/sensor cross-section and to give the coating better effenciency.

Stealth Ablative Panels

The Second Stage of the Asurataee stealth coating is arguably the most difficult to maintain, the stealth ablative coating is actually photo-reactive panels that cover a ship all around. It can also be used, with some success, on structures.

The panels work by hiding a ships infrared signature, while also hiding it visually by projecting the visual land or spacescape from one side of the ship or structure to the other in similiar fashions to a chameleon.

While this kind of stealth armor is not considered 'true' active camoflauge, it is the cloest thing the Neshaten have to it.

S.A.P. is very fragile and high maintenance, and must be replaced if it is chipped or damaged.

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