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SC-Basic Sensor Package

The SC-Basic Sensor Package is a componant found on all small craft owned and operated by the Kingdom of Neshaten.



Class: Ne-E1-A1 Type: Sensor Package Designers: Kingdom of Neshaten Manufacturer: Shukara Volunteer Navy Production: Mass Production

Short Range

Multi-Directional Sensors

Multi-Direction Sensors are used to help locate and identity objects in close proximity to the craft. Use's a combination of imaging, electromagnetic, and gravimetric.

Active Sensors: 40,000 Kms

Passive Sensors: 80,000 Kms

Pulsing Sensor System

Similar to the pulsing sensor system found in the Neshaten Scanner Array Suite, with the exception being that the actual range is much different.

Maximum Range: 60,000 Km's Effective Range: 20,000 Km's

Long Range

Subspace Mass Detector

  • Range of 5 LY
  • Faster than light

Inertial Navigation

The package utilizes a basic inertial navigation system.

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