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Civilian Character Creation for Neshaten

:!: Currently a Work in Progress :!:

This sub-articles details various information that should be known when creating a character for the Neshaten that is either going to be in a civilian plot, 'or' who will be serving on a military ship but is not part of the military; such as a contractor, doctor, or someone whose job is in the mental health careers.

Difference between military and civilian characters

There is a difference between making a civilian and making a military character, since this page deals with civilians; this area will only talk about civilians. Civilians, while they possess some military skills due to being required to attend defense training classes in school do not actually possess the same level of experience that an actual military soldier would have, what this means is that a civilian might be less informed on how to operate certain types of military based vehicles but that doesn't mean they are ignorant.

Civilian characters have the advantage over military characters in that their skill-sets can be more far-ranging, making it possible to have more unique skills connected to the character and allowing them to possibly do more in a plot. Civilian characters, depending on the plot, might also not have to worry too much about combat or serving onboard a starship.

Last, but certainly not least, civilian characters

List of Civilian Plots

Plot Name Length

Psychical Details

The actual details behind characters can very depending on the plot they are joining and their age, the details here list those differences based on age. The details here are the same as those found on the military character creation page, they are here for convenience.

Shukaren Laibe

Shukaren Laibe are the more fox-like of the three species that inhabit the Neshaten, they are also some of the tallest.

Physic Name Details A Details B Notes
Height Age 6-12 4'2“-5'1” Age 12+ 5'9“-6'7” Height can sometimes vary on environment
Weight Age 6-12 90-120 Age 12+ 120-175 Females have a lightly lower body weight.
Hands Age 6-12 Five fingers, short claws Age 12+ Five fingers and longer claws. Hands can also vary in their size, depending on environment of upbringing
Feet Age 6-12 Paw with four digits, claws aren't grown yet Age 12+ Paw, with all four digits and claws Claws start appearing at the age of fourteen, although can appear younger.
Fur Coat All ages Please see Appearance Details
Skin Color All ages Under the fur, skin color can vary from being light to dark, although it usually matches the color of the fur
Tail 6-12 Tail is shorter than the Kits body 12+ Tail is nearly two-three long Tails match the color of the person's body, the tip of the tail is always a different color
Senses All Ages All Laibe have a good sense of sight, allowing them to see up to a mile without the need of devices. All other senses are usually normal.

Shukaren Daur

Daur are a cross between a human and a fox, they are the smallest of the three species within the Kingdom but arguably the smartest.

Physic Name Details A Details B Notes
Height Age 6-12 3'1“-4'2” Age 12+ 4'3“-5'4” Females are shorter by two feet and two inches.
Weight Age 6-12 60-90 Age 12+ 90-125 Females have a lightly lower body weight.
Hands Age 6-12 Five fingers, no claws Age 12+ Five fingers and claws. Hands can also vary in their size, depending on environment of upbringing
Feet All ages Depending on the environment, a Daur might have human feet, or an actual paw.
Fur Coat All ages Please see appearance
Skin Color All ages Under the fur, Daur have a lighter skin complexion.
Tail 6-12 Tail is shorter than the Kits body 12+ Tail is nearly two-three long Tails match the color of the person's body, the tip of the tail is always a different color
Senses All Ages Daur are born with a great sense of hearing, but always suffer from at least one bad sense. Their sense of hearing is the only sense that they can't be born bad with


My'leke are a four legged race that are part of the Neshaten, they grow the longest and are the fastest in the Kingdom.

Physic Name Details A Details B Notes
Height Age 6-12 2'-3' long Age 12+ 3'-5' Long Females are actually longer and taller from their male counterparts.
Weight Age 6-12 90-120 Age 12+ 120-150 Females have a higher body weight.
Hands/Feet Age 6-12 Four paws, four digits Age 12+ Four paws, four digits, claws on each digit.
Fur Coat All ages Please see appearance
Tail 6-12 Can grow to being 2'-2.5' long 12+ Up to 6' long Tails are Prehensile tail doubles as a biological link
Senses All Ages My'leke tend to have a good sense of sight and hearing although taste and feeling can sometimes be off.

Cultural specifics

The Neshaten people, known as the Shukaren-Daur, Shukaren-Laibe, and My'leke, all share the same kind of loyalty to the Kingdom. It is rare to find anyone who is disloyal, and anyone who wishes to betray. This is indirectly caused by both the educational system that Neshaten have, but also, by their closed society.

However, some differences can be seen. The Laibe have a strong dislike for the Daur, they view them as being inferior and below them. The Shukaren-duar, on the other hand, do not feel any real hatred toward the Laibe, and generally avoid causing conflict. However, this doesn't mean that a Daur may not feel worried or concerned about the Laibe.

On the other hand, a My'leke treat the Laibe with an air of caution.

In general, however, all three species have a wide range of psychological profiles and can have quirks that may make them act in one way or another. Children exhibit more quirks than an adult; however, this doesn't mean an adult can't have an assortment of quirks that adds to their uniqueness.

More cultural information can be found here: Neshaten Culture


Shukaren-Laibe: Most Laibe have a wide range of different personalities, some may be more inclined to have a superiority complex than others. Most their personalities can really range, and as time goes on, its possible some Laibe may be born without the feeling of being superior to others. It is not uncommon for them to have quirks that make them stand out from their fellow Laibe.

Shukaren-Daur: Personality-wise, it's not uncommon for a Daur to develop an inferiority complex toward the Laibe, especially if they grew up in a predominately Laibe area. Otherwise, their personalties can range and they do have quirks that make them different from their fellow Daur. However, most Daur have a pursuit of knowledge.

My'leke: The My'leke's personalities can range into different areas due to their slightly animalistic nature, but they do have quirks that makes them unique amongst their people. It's not uncommon for a My'leke to have a complex against the Laibe for the past, but it's also not uncommon for some My'leke to be very trusting of others, or even very cautious of others.


Shukaren-Laibe: Most Laibe can and do dislike the Daur and My'leke due to their superiority complex, however, it is uncommon for the Laibe to fully dislike thier Kingdom with the exception of truly wanting more power over others. Otherwise, they are free to dislike most anything, but they do dislike their nations enemy if the nation has one.

Shukaren-Daur: Unlike the Laibe, the Daur do not dislike easily. Though they range in their dislikes, it is rare for a Daur to dislike another species due to their tolerence of others, they may have concerns about others, but never open dislike without a very very good reason. In short, a Daur can dislike a wide range of things, just not species in general. They do their nations enemies, however.

My'leke: The My'leke have their dislikes, but all Myleke dislike the Laibe due to past attempts at eradicating their species. Although rare, it is possible for some My'leke to even dislike the Daur depending on what might have caused this dislike to happen. Otherwise, their range of dislikes can be numerous. The My'leke do not like fruits however, as the fruits on thier homeworld are to juicy for them. They also dislike thier nation's enemies, or anyone who mistreats them.


Shukaren-Laibe: Laibe like the feeling of being superior to others, and also like authority and power. In fact, it would be rare for a Laibe to not like power or authority. Otherwise, their likes can be very rare ranging. However, they do love spicy meats. It's is very uncommon for the Laibe to 'like' the Myleke, but not unheard of, they will never like their enemies however unless they are strictly against the Daur.

Shukaren-Daur: Daur have a range of likes that can includ pretty much anything, though their slightly more pacifistic nature means that most like peace and solitude and also most may like the pursuit of knowledge, including the searching of ruins or other ancient civilizations. Otherwise, it's not uncommon for them to like many different things in the world, but they do like juicy fruits. They will never like their nations enemies, and the vast majority will never like anyone who tries to harm the My'leke.

Myleke: The My'leke like a lot of things, just depends on where they were raised. Most do like the Daur, however, as the Daur are the only ones who truly gave them any form of respect or sheltered them in the past when times needed it. My'leke will never like thier enemies, or anyone who mistreats them.


Shukaren-Laibe: A Laibe can have different types of goals in their life, whether it's to obtain vast amounts of power, or just to find peace in life. It can truly range depending on their personality and what they like or dislike.

Shukaren-Daur: The Daur have many goals, nearly unlimited depending on thier desires and wants, most have a goal to pursue knowledge, while others may have goals to better their lives and rise up in society, obtaining that next big social class rank.

Myleke: The Myleke can have any number of goals depending on what it is they are reaching for, this can includ finding ways to improve their society or even discovering the secrets of the past. It is truly unlimited for them.


Because the Neshaten are a closed society and have never expanded beyond their borders, or meet other races. Their history should consist of both their upbringing, along with school education and how they came to their current occupation; along with family ties and if they have kids.

If the character has gone through the Rite of Honour, then that must be detailed precisely in the history of both characters who took part in it. However, this must be approved by the FM first.

:!: The Rite of Honour is restricted to SARP Veterans, and dou-players (IE: Two players willing to play together), must talk to FM first!


Skills can very considerably between occupations, because of this, skills are listed on that occupations page.


:!: This section is a current Work In Progress, Please DO NOT USE at this time :!:

The following list details what civilian occupations a civilian character can get into. However, this list can also be used for military characters so that they can show where they came from before entering the navy or where they have gone after retirement. For example, a military character who was once a chef but then entered into the navy to become an Aviator, this means that the character also knows quite a bit of food preperation and cooking. For Military Characters these are OPTIONAL.

Occupation Pronouciation NPC/PC
ni_yseNi'yse (Miester Healer) Nii-is Both
lo_ineLo'ine (Healer) Low-in-eee Both
gae_huyeGae'huye (Farmer) Guy-hoo-e Both
lies_aneLies'ane (Librarian) Lae-sa-ane Both
laye_isueLaye'isue (Booksetter) Lee-is-uu Both
na_meNa'me (Lawyer) Nay-my Both
La'vishen(Preschool Student) Laa-vee-hin Both
Sh'ishen(Primary Student) Shii-is-hin Both
U'ishen (Upper Primary Student) You-ii-she-ne Both
I'oshen (Secondary Student) Iiio-hin Both
Jui'ashen (University/Tech Student} Juu-i-as-hin Both
sun_amaeSun'amae (Scientist) Sune-am-ee Both
nu_sunameNu'suname (Specialized Scientist) Nuu-su-naa-maa Both
gen_roGen'ro (Cook) Gene-row Both
ni_yaheNi'yahe (Retainer) Nee-ya-sha Both
hyuag_aneHyuag'ane (Architect) Hee-yu-gaa-nee Both
hi_treHi'tre (Councilman) Hie-tru Both 1)
aise_aneAise'ane (Civilian Pilot) Aii-san-nee Both
juu_jusaneJuu'jusane (Entertainer) Jew-je-sane Both
use_laUse'la (Guardian) Uss-la Both
tri_zeTri'ze (Trainer) Tee-zee Both
ni_shoNi'sho (Diplomat) Nee-soo NPC 2)
nin_sajeNin'saje (Worker) Niin-saw-ge Both
Ehe'sii'ne (Emissary)Ehe'sii'ne (Emissary) Eee-ha-see-ny NPC 3)
ess_haneEss'hane (Musician/Singer) Ee-see-hee-na Both
zuia_neZuia'ne (Engineer) Zoo-is-ane Both
tii_seheTii'sehe (Devoted) Te-sha-he Both
sha_noSha'no (Priest/Priestess) Shee-nuu Both
vui_reaneVui'reane (Guard) Vee-ree-aan-iii Both
fuye_aneFuye'ane (Archeologist) Fuu-aane Both
ka_kenaKa'kena (counselor) Kaa-kii-nee Both
nas_heNas'he (Contract Broker) Naass-He Mainly NPC, but can be PC
Vui'tra (Information Broker) Uuu-tru Both
Ini'she (Counselor) In-I-sh-ee Both
1) , 2) , 3)
Must get FM Permission

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