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Nitra Mobile Phone

The Nitra Mobile Phone is one of the primary forms of communications amongst the citizenry of the Kingdom of Neshaten. The phones are designed, much like a lot of stuff, to be open sourced to allow a citizen to customize their phones in every fashion. The phones were made available in ER 002.


The N.M.P. is a mobile communications device that features a large number of options, some of which are restricted to citizens. The phones communicate with local towers in an area and permit the person to call anyone on their contacts list. Each phone has its own, unique, code assigned to it to make contacting such a phone easier than punching in a series of numbers. This code is six digits and comprised of both letters and numbers.

All phones have priority access to a cities emergency services, this means that if there is ever a day when the towers are tied up by a lot of phone traffic, a person trying to contact the authorities will automatically get through regardless of the traffic. Each phone also has a 'panic button', used mainly for Kits or citizens who are out on their own to alert nearby Ci'tiyous Ga'nudren that they are in trouble.

When the phone is bought, a person's ID is programmed into the phone to allow the person to use 'it' to display who they are along with all of their personnel information to people who request it such as law-enforcement. Anti-theft protection exists on the phone from the start, although an improved version results in a DNA lock on the phone so that if the phone is ever stolen the criminal can't use the phone for any kind of criminal activity.

The Navy uses the N.M.P. as their ship communicators, it has a few additional functions to help serve the Navy. Navy phones have a seven number/letter code instead of the six found on civilian phones.


The N.M.P. resembles a crystal like object with a metallic exterior, when the phone is being called the face lights up on a color determined by the phones owner.



Features of the Nitra differ between those used by the citizenry and those used by the military/law enforcement.


Citizen Nitra's are open sourced and highly customizable; with the ability to pick and choose what the phones holder looks like or even to wear it similar to a pendent.

  • Solar Powered
  • Battery Powered (Small energy crystal)
  • Rechargeable
  • Customizable
  • Open Sourced
  • Four Terabyte storage
  • Identification Holo
  • Built-in Camera
  • Wireless functionality, allowing Nitra to connect to the internet
  • Anti-theft protection

Military/Law Enforcement

The Military and Law Enforcement both use a more secured version of the Nitra, this particular phone comes with additional functionality including encryption. This Nitra includes all of the same functions (with the exception of the built-in camera) as the civilian version, plus the following:

  • 859 Encryption Key
  • Sixteen Terabyte storage
  • Military open sourced (Phone accepts military programming)
  • Secured Wireless Functionality

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