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Cordecon Quantum Computer

The next stage in computing technology that the Neshaten have been able to develop in the year of EE 001-v. It is a self-contained unit.


The C.G.C. is a mark upgrade over traditional quantum computers; it has better performance through improved heat dissipation hardware and better memory allocations. It is capable of handling the same functions as the previous computer system, only better; it can compile data and then achieve it into the proper categories. It is most commonly used on starships, starfishes, stations, and in large cities to help operate and control city functions. It is quite small, taking up less space than the previous computer system while still being able to do more.

The computer system was designed to house future artificial intelligences.

Dimensions:2 foot in diameter

Base Components

The following is a list of basic components that accompany the C.Q.C.

Base Module

This is the base of the computer system, the location of the quantum chip that powers the entire system and handles all of the computing. The case that supports it is made out of reinforced titanium that is designed to be heat-resistant, tamper and water resistant. Its locking system ensures that only authorized personnel can actually replace the quantum chip. There are several connector pins for attaching the module into the main computer system case and from there additional connectors allow it to be attached to other systems such as databanks, memory, or even additional processing centers.

Price: 2500 Rn

Case Unit

Designed out of Cynestran, the case measures at roughly two feet in diameter and is designed as a sphere. The sphere has a double of connectors on the sides for systems to be hooked up to it and to attach data-transfer lines.

The case is designed to withstand a fall from up to six stories and keep the internal components intact, and can withstand a shot from a pistol at point blank range along with surviving up to two pounds of l-24-a

Price: 5000 Rn

OS Chip

The central operating system of the CQC, this is where the OS is stored.

Price: 24000 Rn

Memory Module

Each H.Q.C. has up to eight memory modules to help store cache during heavy cycles. The memory modules can be replaced and are really only used in cases of emergencies.

Price: 500 Rn per module

Data Storage Crystal

The H.Q.C. is compatible and can support up to eight Data Crystals, these crystals are used to store compiled and archived information.

Price: Depends on crystal, check page for details.

Cooling Systems

One of the unique things about this system is the cooling method; the coolant used is a type of non-conductive oil that cools at negative twenty degree celsius. This not only keeps the processor cool but also prevents it from overheating. The coolant oil is designed to be filtered through not only the base module, but also through the connecting modules and data-transfer pipes to also keep those cooled. This cooling system is quite delicate.

Price: 2300 Rn

Command and Control and IFF Systems

Comes standard with the Digital Counter Sign System and can't be removed. This component is free.

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