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Crystallizing Toxin

Crystallizing Toxins sometimes referred to as C.T. or Pheromes Gas, is classified as a Class Six hazard and is very dangerous and even deadly to Neshaten. The toxin was discovered when the Neshaten first started processing Lunebaren Crystals, during the refinement process a toxic cloud often forms around the crystal, comprised of many small particles that are so fine that even respirators are ineffective in keeping the toxin out of a person's system. The toxin is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. The particles do stick to pretty much any surface, but this can be prevented by insuring that surfaces are treated with a special anti-stick coating.

This is one of the reasons why crystals are processed in closed facilities and away from population centers. The toxin, however, has another danger in that it is also flammable requiring only a temperature of two hundred and forty one degrees. When a toxic cloud is released, liquid nitrogen is the only thing that can stop it from spreading so long as the cloud is in a contained area such as a building or room.

While the Toxin appears commonly in the processing of crystals, it is less common outside of the centers but can still occur if a crystal is improperly processed and brought online inside of a reactor or generator. It doesn't matter how big or small the device is that the crystal is being used in, any imperfections in the crystals refinement 'will' lead to a toxic cloud after several hours of usage although the actual size of the cloud does depend on crystal size.


Symptoms surrounding Crystalline Intoxication can differ wildly sometimes, but there are some more noticeable ones. These symptoms occur in the first twenty four hours of toxication.

  • Headaches
  • Cold Chills
  • Arthritis in the hands, feet, and legs.
  • Sore Throat
  • Blood Shoot Eyes

The following is a list of symptoms that are more severe and occurs after three days of being exposed to the toxin.

  • Bleeding from the eyes
  • Heartaches

The following is a list of the most serious of symptoms; these are considered life-threatening and occur after a seven days of being exposed to the toxin.

  • Bleeding from ear and private parts.
  • Memory loss due to crystallization occurring in the brain.
  • Upper-respiratory problems

Causes of Death

Crystalline Toxin can cause death after seven days of being exposed; it can be treated but only in the first six days after which the person can't be cured.

Causes of death by this toxin are almost always related to crystals in the brain that form around the brain stems and those responsible for the transmission of information, as time passes without treatment, more crystallization occurs that starts to block the passage of Neurons to different parts of the brain. This can lead to loss of perception and motor functions, and even the loss of senses. After awhile, the cerebral neurons begin to die off which will lead to the death of the infected individual.

Other causes of death can be related to heart failure and the collapse of a person's lung; both are also related to crystals forming in those two separate organs.


When a person dies of C.T., they can't just be buried in the ground, this is because the toxin can still infect other people during the mortuaries normal processes. This means that the body has to be cremated and then buried in a cold environment so that any traces of the toxin don't potentially ignite.


Crystalline Intoxication can be treated provided it is discovered early enough.

The earlier it's discovered, the easier it is to treat. Within the first three days, it is possible to completely flush the body’s bloodstream of the toxins by running the blood through a filter after the patient takes some liquid medication that is designed to 'latch' onto the toxins and make them large enough to not pass through a filter.

However, after those three days, the toxins begin to seep into organs. The only way to treat it in this case, is for the patients to not only go through blood filtering but also organ replacement surgery.

Unfortunately, after seven days it is almost impossible to treat a person because the toxins have flooded the body and have infested almost every organ in the body.


If treatment is successful, then the patient would need to take medications - whether pills or liquid - anywhere from seven to several years. This is because residuals of the toxins still remain in the body

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