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Cynestran is a medium level of armor plating used by the Neshaten military that was created in Ee 001. It is a combination of Crynatorium and composite titanium although it lacks any regenerative properties. The armor plating gives off a much different 'shine' compared to the traditionally used Crynatorium, the shine this armor gives off is a slightly reddish hue.

The armor is creating by blending the crystals used to make Crynatorium and composite titanium together, this creates a strong and very tough material that withstand some punishment before the armor fails. And, like Crynatorium, it still retains it's reflective capability of deflecting enemy based weaponry off the hull for a longer period of time, in short it would take three times more hits to break the armor than the light armor.

It's construction processes are more difficult though, because of this the armor is only available on warships or people willing to pay for the construction costs.

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