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Digital Counter Sign System

The Digital Counter Sign System, or more known as the DCSS, is a specialized command system utilized within the Kingdom of Neshaten for use by their civilian and military ships, to help verify not only their authenticity when entering or closing in on a ship, but also to give Ship commanders the ability to lock down systems; the system is thus split between two components - the command authorization codes and the identify friend or foe system and is one of the components that is integrated into the Cordecon Quantum Computer. The system is utilized throughout the Kingdom and is mandatory on all ships, stations, and bases.

Command Authorization Codes

Command Authorization Codes are a series of alphanumeric passwords utilized primarily for locking down important systems from potential enemy tampering. Most codes are unique to an asset, such as a command code on a starship to lock down its navigation systems wouldn't work on another starship - either of the same or different class, because it uses a different code to accomplish that task. Command codes are all unique to an asset and no two command codes can be used for the same system but on two different assets, what this means is that a command code on one ship for a system can't be used on another ship for the same system. The codes can be used for a variety of different reasons, such as locking down a system, authorizing the changing of command, or the authorizing a self destruct system, just to name a few.

These particular commands allow for enhanced electronic security by determining particular access levels to systems, and unlocking system levels for personnel below a security rank, because of this; it is possible for a high ranking officer to give specialized command access to a much lower ranked soldier in the event of an emergency. Command Authorization Codes are switched out on stations once every four seasons, and on ships after ten flights, to help ensure that potential enemies can't memorize codes; in the event of potential leakage command staff can force change the codes on their ship.

Command codes are stored in an assets control database through a series of fractal encryption algorithms that are continuously passed through the assets quantum computer; this helps ensure that the codes remain deeply firewalled from outside access or even hacking; in the event that a hack is detected the system alerts command personnel.

Personal Command Codes

Personal Command Codes are codes utilized by individuals for locking down personal assets such as vehicles; although such codes can be found used by military personnel for locking down assigned assets such as fighters and vehicles for use by specific individuals. Civilians commonly used these particular codes due to them being more flexible than those typically used by the military, Trade Families used them so that they can lock down company assets from competitors or from employees.

Identify Friend or Foe System

The IFF is a system of encrypted words and numbers that are uniquely assigned to starships and stations so that they can identify themselves more easily to friendly forces, including orbital and ground defense systems. This key is unique to each asset it is assigned, this is because the digital key itself is embedded into its assigned asset, all information related to that ship is held within this key - certain important details, and even minor or useless details - are also stored which is used by the IFF to identify the ships sending the code for verification.

The code is useful in allowing ships to move more easily through Neshaten territory, due to the uniqueness of the key, no two ships can have the same key and if a key was to be somehow copied and used by another ship, the system would invalidate that key and require the ship it was originally assigned to to report back to the nearest military stronghold so that a new key could be generated.

Asset Authenticity

Asset Authenticity refers primarily to the validity of ships and stations, but can also extend to local assets such as fighters and shuttle crafts. Asset Authenticity is the process of maintaining control over an asset by ensuring that it has proper authorization to access territory within the Kingdom, this kind of system is tied directly into the Friend/Foe system, which means that if an asset comes up with a bad friend or foe marker than authorization is automatically stripped from the asset until the asset can confirm whether it is friendly or not. By utilizing an assets onboard computer system, a ship, or station, or any other kind of asset can have its credentials auto-flagged as suspicious, such as if the asset is stolen out of another individuals hanger bay by a thief, where the thief's bio-signatures do not match those of the individuals who commonly utilize the asset or have permission to; when this happens a series of status symbols are assigned to the asset to determine the level of suspicion.

Symbol Status Meaning Further Details and Solutions
Authentic Trusted Asset Means the asset is sending a clear friendly signal, and that there are no issues
Not Trusted Stolen Asset Refers to an asset being stolen by thieves, must be seized to re-establish authenticity
Monitored Main computer broken into Means the assets main computer has been compromised, a technician is required to re-establish authenticity
Compromised FF System compromised Can refer to a ships Friend or Foe system is malfunctioning, must be inspected before the ship can be allowed to dock
Compromised Local Boarded Means that asset was boarded by terrorists, because it was boarded by local forces, most likely terrorists, the asset must surrender or be seized
Hostile Foreign Boarded Means that the asset was seized by a foreign race, due to the seriousness of the nature of this status, the ship has to be destroyed to protect Kingdom secrets


This system is present on all Neshaten ships and stations along with ground bases; because of its importance it doesn't need to be put in as part of a list of systems, as it is always there regardless.

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