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Neshaten Division 5

Division 5 is a new special branch of the Kingdom of Neshaten's Division of Public Safety that is dedicated specifically towards combating terrorism in urban environments and populated locations. While the main DoPS and military counter-terror units are perfectly capable of handling major raids and plots, the smaller, more elaborate threats and groups that hide within society are often too delicate for their heavy-handed approach - thus leading to the creation of Division 5 in EE 004 (YE 40).

Division 5 operatives are hand-picked from general DoPS units based upon their ability as a detective and their proficiency in the field. They have to be effective in both systems of law enforcement - for Division 5 is a self-contained branch that has limited assistance from outside sources.


Division 5 has several positions and ranks among its units, however, all members of the branch are required to train in all aspects of the job - thus ensuring that all members are able to perform any task if required. Most of Division 5's operatives consider its ranks to be little more then nods to historical and societal traditions - as the ranks are only used and referred to in certain instances.


For more detailed information about each of the three major occupations, their functions, and character creation information, refer to the Operative Occupations section of the Neshaten Division 5 - Operatives article.

Field Operator

Field Operators make up the majority of Division 5 and are trained in covert operations, undercover work, technology usage, and in working in small teams known as Ai'Seru. These operatives undergo a mandatory year of special training if recruited from the Division of Public Safety and an additional 20 weeks of basic law enforcement training if they are recruited with no background experience; if recruited from the military, only the 20 weeks of law and forensic training is required to raise their skill level to the standards required by Division 5.

Intelligence Operator

Intelligence Operators make up a relatively small part of Division 5 and are usually confined to working from either the central Division 5 facility or a regional headquarters. They receive the same training as a Field Operator but are also required to train and study more advanced communications and technology material; Intelligence Operators do not usually operate in units - but a single Intelligence Operator can be assigned to an Ai'Seru for specific missions or as an additional member for more high-priority tasks.

Counter-Terror Agent

Counter-Terror Agents are separate again from the Field Operator and Intelligence Operator positions and are a more highly-skilled group than either of the others that only consist of a small number of members - which never exceeds 40 - for several reasons. Counter-Terror Agents are responsible for carrying out long-term and highly secretive operations - which is why each member is hand-picked by the Director of Division 5 and must have years of military and special unit experience prior to being selected. These members are rarely assigned to an Ai'Seru and usually work alone - except for missions labeled as a 'Critical Threat to Society', as they require the collaboration of all current Counter-Terror Agents.


Ranks within Division 5 are less important than the ranks in military units, as all members are trained to work independently in the event of a situation arising when they have no access to communications or a superior; for the sake of an efficient system, however, there are 4 ranks within Division 5.

For a more detailed explanation of how these 4 ranks work within Division 5, a more in-depth explanation of each rank, and character creation information, refer to the Operative Ranks section of the Neshaten Division 5 - Operatives article.


The rank of Operator is considered to be the lowest rank within Division 5; members with this rank, however, are equal in skill level to a senior member of the military - and have the skills necessary to act in a group or alone and make judgment calls in high-profile situations.


Operators have the following restrictions:

  • They are unable to access the Division 5 member database beyond the Senior Operator level.
  • They have restricted access to the lower levels of Division 5's regional and central headquarters.
  • They must obey any given order as long as it does not needlessly endanger any lives besides those of the targets.

Senior Operator

The rank of Senior Operator is achieved through recognised achievements within Division 5 and through the recommendations of peers, which can include examples of service performed outside of the organisation such as previous military service; members with this rank are often appointed as the leader of an Ai'Seru if working in the field division or as a coordinator for intelligence teams if working in the intelligence division.


Senior Operators have the following restrictions:

  • They are unable to access the Division 5 member database beyond the Senior Operator level.
  • They have restricted access to the lower levels of Division 5's regional and central headquarters.
  • They must obey any given order as long as it does not needlessly endanger any lives besides those of the targets.

They do, however, have the authority to challenge the order of a Captain if they can prove that the order is a bad decision (on the grounds of things like the endangerment of life or the inefficient use of manpower) via solid evidence and/or logical reasoning.


Captains are essentially the regional authority figures of Division 5 and in large operations assume direct command unless a Commander is present. This rank is only achieved through a recognition of distinguished service for the Kingdom of Neshaten - and Captains are expected to efficiently lead operators both on and off the field and take responsibility for every outcome of missions they are involved in. They have the authority to punish operators for insubordination at their own discretion, however, a full report is required to maintain internal discipline; Captains are permitted in the lower levels of Division 5's regional and central headquarters, have access to the full Division 5 member database, report directly to the regional Commander, and must provide reports for any substandard usage of authority such as punishment cases.


The rank of Commander is awarded to members hand-picked by the Director of Division 5 based on their professional ability - and there is only a single Commander assigned to each regional headquarters. Commanders report directly to the Director and are required to meet once a month to communicate the status of their region and any leads in critical or major cases; similar to the Director, each Commander has a unique code generator - whose code switches every 20 seconds - that allows for executive overrides on all Neshaten systems besides those employed by the military.


There are two uniform types used by Division 5 operatives: the standard uniform and the dress uniform. Standard uniforms are worn while on duty unless a specific exception is given such as formal events or requirement of a different uniform altogether.

Standard Uniform

The standard uniform consists of an ash black undersuit worn under an urban grey BDU jacket and pants and is accompanied by a long cloak designed to be rolled up and worn around the neck as a scarf; the cloak is mainly used for concealment purposes or for warmth overnight. Headwear consists of either a black cap or helmet; the operative's rank patch is stitched onto the left shoulder, their occupation patch is stitched onto the uniform above the left breast, and a name patch can be found above the right breast.1)

Dress Uniform

The dress uniform takes the form of a short-tailed grey jacket with deep blue dress pants and a grey shirt. A deep crimson auiguillette is worn on the right shoulder of Captains and Commanders to denote their rank, while Operators and Senior Operators wear a deep crimson short cloak that covers their neck and shoulders, draping over the back but not covering the front; lastly, headwear for the formal dress is a black formal officer cap.

Primary and Regional Headquarters

The primary headquarters of Division 5 is based in Netoshen on Nesha Prime, acts as the central command for all regional headquarters, and is the appointed office of the Director of Division 5. All high profile operations are conducted out of the Counter-Terror War Room located on sublevel 10.

The organisation's central headquarters is the largest of all its establishments, partly to visually display its higher status but mostly to accommodate the extra personnel stationed there due to it being the designated location for hosting important meeting with the Division of Public Safety, the Shukara Volunteer Navy, and on special occasions, the Royal Family.

Primary Headquarters

The central Division 5 headquarters has 5 above-ground levels and 15 below-ground levels; the above-ground levels are mostly for appearances and act as diversions for potential attackers - for each level merely contains a lobby and a set of offices where the organisation's public relations teams operate. These teams consist of Intelligence Operators that work on intercepting civilian communications to scan for potential terrorist conspirators - and each is quite capable of defending themselves.


The first group of subterranean levels, Sublevels 1 through 5, house monitoring and intelligence stations similar to the above-ground levels - however, these use better equipment, are tied in directly to the Division 5 database, and are used primarily for following leads and tips on potential threats and reported activity. Sublevel 3 also has a small - but heavily-guarded - armoury that contains more powerful weapons for usage by the level group's occupants in the event of a raid.

The second group of subterranean levels, Sublevels 6 through 10, contain personnel quarters and briefing rooms; similar to sublevel 3, sublevel 8 has a small - but heavily-guarded - armoury that contains more powerful weapons for usage by the level group's occupants in the event of a raid. Sublevel 10 is the exception to this particular grouping of 5 floors, however, as it houses the Counter-Terror War Room - which is used in situations that have been declared a 'Critical Threat to Society' or in times of war for large-scale coordination of forces and information.

The third group of subterranean levels, Sublevels 11 through 15, are the furthest from ground level and the least practical for fast response - thus Sublevels 11 through 13 are dedicated to housing processing units, data storage, and servers for the Division 5 intelligence effort and Sublevels 14 and 15 are outfitted with isolation cells and interrogation chambers.

Regional Headquarters

The function and design of each regional headquarters is almost identical to the primary headquarters in Netoshen albeit slightly scaled down, with a max of 3 above-ground levels and 7 below-ground levels. Regional headquarters do not house major facilities like data centers (which drastically reduces the amount of space they require), have a smaller staff roster, and are mainly used as a base for conducting local operations.

Duties and Operations

Division 5 has several types of duties and operations it performs on a regular - if not constant - basis to ensure that organisation continues to operate in an effective and useful manner.

Duty Description
Monitoring One of the primary intelligence gathering methods of Division 5 is the monitoring of any transmission flagged by their system for potential terrorist activity. Members, however, are prohibited from monitoring an unflagged transmission without documented authority from a Captain or Commander.
Undercover Monitoring Only prominent during larger long-term operations and intelligence efforts, operatives (under false identification to preserve operator safety) are sometimes implanted in a suspected terrorist or conspirator group to monitor them from within.
Espionage Only authorised by a region Commander, the practice of espionage is sometimes carried out against civilian groups, trade families and in very rare and extreme cases, military and naval units - and may only be authorised if the Commander has been shown substantial evidence to suggest that the targeted group is worth heavily investigating.
Counter-Terror Operations All Division 5 operatives are expected to assist in any counter-terror operation led by any form of Neshaten law enforcement, including the DoPS and Navy if requested. Operations launched by Division 5 will have members assigned to it and will only require more operatives if a direct request is filed by the Captain or Commander overseeing it.
Internal Affairs Similar to espionage activities, Internal Affair investigations can only be authorised by Commanders and must be accurately documented and not infringe any laws without due cause. The cause for internal investigation must be presented to the group under scrutinization and the assigned Division 5 operators must make themselves known to the higher-ranking members of the group.

Authority and Law

As an organisation separate from standard law enforcement Division 5 has different authority and laws it - and, by extension, its members - must abide by; due to the seriousness of its operations, Division 5 is granted some circumstantial exceptions to the Kingdom of Neshaten's basic governing laws in order to complete its duties.

Law Circumstantial Exceptions
I. 11 - Military-grade weapons Military-grade weapons, vehicles, and other technology can be granted by authority of the Director or a Commander for use on a large-scale operation or high-profile operation with documented and justified reasoning.
L. 4 - Non-citizen may join Volunteer Navy If Division 5 flags a non-citizen as a potential terrorist, known conspirator, or supplier the organisation has the authority to reject their application for joining the Volunteer Navy.
M. 4 - Trade families can buy government ships If the trade family is under investigation or is suspected of engaging in acts of treason Division 5 Commanders have the authority to suspend the use of government ships or any active leases.
Q. 11 - Illegal sponsorship of known criminals The Director alone can authorise the sponsorship of a criminal for Neshaten citizenship in extremely rare cases where by doing so the organisation will obtain valuable information on a larger terror or criminal group.
Q. 12 - Illegal to aid a criminal Same circumstance as Q. 11; only the Director can authorise this action and may do so only if the aid of a criminal will lead to a better outcome for the Kingdom in the long run.

Operator Conduct

While Division 5 operators are part of a special branch and perform high-profile counter-terrorist work they are still - and are required to be - registered citizens of the Kingdom of Neshaten and are subject to upholding the reputation and image of the Kingdom both on and off duty.

On Duty

The following applies to members of Division 5 while on duty.


While on duty members are required to dress in neat and presentable standard issue uniforms displaying their rank, name, region, and assigned Ai'Seru if applicable. Exceptions to wearing the standard uniform are granted based on circumstance or formality, with examples being wearing civilian clothing while on undercover operations or wearing the dress uniform to a high-class event or gathering.

Mental State

Members on duty are not permitted to drink or be under the influence of any substance that negatively affects the mind and its ability to function effectively. This includes recreational drugs, non-prescribed medical substances, and any sensory enhancement substances -and the only exceptions to this are civilian consumables such as coffee and prescribed medical drugs or enhancements that have been approved by the organisation.


While on duty a member of Division 5 is required to present excellent behaviour both in public and within Division 5 facilities. This includes refraining from heated arguments with civilians and other operators, general politeness, and professional etiquette - however, members are permitted to joke and freely converse with one another and civilians provided no sensitive information is disclosed to the public or members below the rank required for viewing the aforementioned information.

Off Duty

An off-duty member is subject to the same expectations as any citizen and is not exempt from any wrongdoings. Members are advised to carry their badge or ID with them at all times so that they can legally act with authority in the event that an immediate threat occurs while off duty.

Off-duty members are advised to not wear their uniforms in order to avoid attracting attention from potential revenge seekers or other terror groups; members are, however, permitted to keep their issued firearms on their person like all Kingdom of Neshaten citizens are. If an operator chooses to wear their uniform off duty they are expected to maintain a professional appearance at all times and not tarnish the reputation of Division 5.

Notable Personnel

The following sections contain information about the high-profile members of Division 5.2)

Division 5 Director: Vaughn Li' Veero

Nesha Prime

The following sections list notable Division 5 personnel stationed on Nesha Prime.

Central Continent

The following sections detail the notable Division 5 personnel stationed on the central continent of Nesha Prime.


See also: Netoshen

  • Commander: Rosa Lee'Soro (Female Laibe)
  • Captain(s): TBD
  • Commander: Andreska Nik'Itski (Female Daur)
  • Captain(s): TBD
  • Commander: Danten Pi'Esca (Male Laibe), Captain(s);
  • Captain(s): TBD

Northern Continent

The following sections detail the notable Division 5 personnel stationed on the northern continent of Nesha Prime.

  • Commander: Olivei Mis'Haz (Female Laibe)
  • Captain(s): TBD
  • Commander: Vetorra Fab'Rizi (Female Laibe)
  • Captain(s): TBD

Eastern Continent

The following sections detail the notable Division 5 personnel stationed on the eastern continent of Nesha Prime.

  • Commander: Alberti Moz'Otoli (Male Daur)
  • Captain(s): TBD
  • Commander: Lukaz Phran'Cheska (Male Laibe)
  • Captain(s): TBD
  • Commander: Izabelli Mar'Iran (Female Daur)
  • Captain(s): TBD

Southern Continent

The following sections detail the notable Division 5 personnel stationed on the southern continent of Nesha Prime.

  • Commander: Eugiin Gian'Nask (Male Daur)
  • Captain(s): TBD

Western Continent

The following sections detail the notable Division 5 personnel stationed on the western continent of Nesha Prime.

  • Commander: Levi Resh'Kale (Male Laibe)
  • Captain(s): TBD

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