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Division of Justice and Enforcement

The Division of Justice and Enforcement is the Justice arm of the Neshaten Government; their mission is to enforce any and all laws and also think up new laws and submit them to the Legislative branch of government.

The Division of Justice and Enforcement works closely with the Division of Public Safety.


The Neshaten operate under very few laws, favoring freedom over restriction. However, the laws they do have, are specific and straight forward.


Guard Units

Unlike the Division of Public Safety, the Division of Justice and Enforcement has two of its own police enforcement units that don't answer to the DoPS.

Royal Guard

The Royal Guard is tasked with the protection of the Capital and it's royal family. They are largely comprised of experienced soldiers, with the majority being either Swordmasters or Agents.

Royal Marshals

A Royal Marshal is someone to executes arrest warrants in the name of the Royal Family, in short, they only take care of warrants that the royal family themselves put out - they don't take care of arrest warrants from the DoPS unless requested.

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