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DNA Lock Tech

DNA Locking Technology is a type of tech that the Neshaten originally had before the Great Exodus, but which was lost shortly after their arrival to their new world. The tech stayed lost until EE001-v, when it was re-invented with the sole purpose of helping to better safe-guard their installations and other types of technology; such as weapons.

This particular piece of technology has a high amount of counterfeit-resistantance, but that doesn't mean it can't be broken, just makes it rather difficult.

The scanner can be installed by any person due to easy instructions, however configuring it requires a professional technician.


The technology functions on the level of a person's DNA; technology can be coded so that it only works with certain indivisuals or with a group of people. This makes it so that that piece of tech can't be used by anyone who doesn't possess the DNA permission. Such as a weapon being coded to one person, and unusable by another. Traditionally, weaponry used by a large number of indivisuals isn't coded while weaponry used by specific indivisuals is. This also applies to vehicles, consoles, and in some rare cases - fighters.

In order to accomplish this task, each weapon, or vehicle, has a small data-crystal within that stores the part of a person's DNA that is unique to them.

In order for this to work, a DNA sample is needed. Once this sample is given, it'll be logged into the crystal so that the device can access the data, when a DNA scanner is scanning for the DNA it'll scan for certain segments of the DNA that match that of the sample. This means that a person can't just take a small sample of skin from another and hope that it'll pass the lock, this has to do with the scanner scanning a wide area of a person's hand to look for the segments it is slated to match.


DNA can be locked to certain types of technology, but not to others. Some tech that can be locked includ weapons and some devices, this also includs privately owned vehicles. However, other things such as starships can't currently be locked due to their shear size.

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