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Neshaten Engineer

The backbone of the Shukara Volunteer Navy, the military arm of the Kingdom of Neshaten

An Engineer is someone who maintains a station or starships systems and helps repair the ship after it has received damage from enemy ship weapons or from wear and tear. Engineers must know their ships and systems, and are the only ones others than a Shipmaster and Furekan who know the locations of certain equipment onboard ships and stations. Engineers can take up to a year just to learn one sub-occupation, or more to learn multiples.

Engineers are broken up into multiple sub-occupations. These occupations includ, but are not limited to:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Weapons Engineer
  • Sensor Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Combat Engineer
  • Chief Engineer

Each sub-occupation specializes in its chosen area, but that doesn't mean that an engineer is restricted in going into other areas of expertise. This can be accomplished either by taking additional classes while in training, or by learning while on the job. Most engineers will be rather balanced in all sub-occupations after serving a year on a starship or on a station.

The following is a breakdown of what each sub-occupation specializes in:

Occupation Specilization
Systems Engineer Specializes in the operation of starships systems, knows the ins and outs of how a ship or stations systems operate
Weapons Engineer Specializes in the operation of starship and station weapon systems and how to properly maintain and install them.
Sensor Engineer Specializes in a station or starships sensor related systems, including the installation of such systems or the modification
Software Engineer Software Engineers are responsible all of a ship or stations onboard software, including hte ships operating system and AI but also any software that interacts with a chosen system.
Hardware Engineer Hardware Engineers are the jack of all trades
Combat Engineer Combat Engineers are a cross between a soldier and an engineer, they have experience in both occupations
Chief Engineer A Chief Engineer is required to know all areas of their starship and thus are proficent in all manners of software, sensor, weapons, systems, and hardware. They are officers who are put in charge of a station or ships engineering bay. Chief Engineers are incharge of all other engineers board their assigned ships, stations, or bases. They give out orders, assign repair tasks, and ensure that a ship is running in top condition (Warrant Officer/Officer Rank Only)


Engineers have a broad range of different responsibilties, this is becuase they are the backbone of the Navy. Without engineers, there is no navy.

  • Know every part of the ship or station
    • This includs knowing the location of all repair kits
    • Know the location of all diagnostic and repair stations
  • Maintain starship
    • Perform routine repairs
    • Check for damaged systems
    • Patrol ship for damage
    • Inspect for wear and tear
  • Maintain small craft, such as fighters and shuttles
    • Perform routine systems check everytime fighters and shuttles return
    • Inspect such craft for damage
  • Install new technology and systems
    • Make sure installed technology works properly
    • Run simulations to ensure new tech is compatible before installing
  • Examine unknown technology


A list of required skills for the Engineer Occupation:

Skill Description
Starship Operations Required in order to operate a starship and perform repairs
Technology Operation Required in order to design software or hardware but also to repair said software or hardware


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