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Neshaten Standard Issue Military Uniform

The standard issue uniform worn by all Neshaten military soldiers, this uniform is mainly worn over Armored Body Suit (standard)

Female Version: Without rank band Male Version: With rank band Female Version: With rank band


The uniform is a two-piece style with a pair of dark gray pants with two deep pockets and a belt strap. The shirt is a long sleeved, Mao Jacket style, with a tight high collar and is a light black color with the Kingdom's exile symbol etched into the collar. The shirt has laces that loop around buttons on either side, with a small pocket on the front left and right to place items within.

Females wear a long dress skirt instead of pants that is also light black, but has a red trim line running along the outside toward to the hem, the skirt goes just below the knees.

Over the uniform a person wears a red Ulster Coat style garment, with the edges of the cape reflecting a person's rank color, the cape is slightly shorter to allow for the rank armband to be noticeable and is black. The nation's flag is etched into the cape on the left side.

Color Rank
Light Green Enlisted Adult
Dark Blue Enlisted Child
Light Blue Warrant Officer
Red Officer


The uniform is made out of a silk-like material that gives it a very smooth feel to it, because this is worn typically over the body suit, there is no real insulation included in the uniform since the body suit handles all manners of insulation.


The uniform is worn for all formal occasions, such as promotions or when off-ship. The uniform is also worn when during times when new officers join the crew of a ship, to be introduced to the already established crew.

Because the Neshaten don't have rank pins, their rank armbands are typically positioned on the left arm. It is rare to find it on the right, this is done only when a member of a squadron or a ship’s crew has been killed in combat but is also done with squadrons lose ships.

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