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Neshaten FAQ

There are things about the Culture and about the Faction that people may not understand or that is not explained fully, if you have a problem understanding something then don't hesitate to ask. What's listed here is information to help make it easier for people to understand the Neshaten.

How do they age?

As has been mentioned in the species pages and CCG, the Neshaten age once every two years due to their slow aging process. This means that if a Neshaten is 30 years old in YE 30, they won't turn 31 until YE 32, and then in YE 34 they'll turn 32, and in YE 36 they'll turn 33.

To make it easier to understand, there is a chart here for new characters to use:

To calculate the age, just put the character age that you want to be (example, 27) in the last row, then go backwards (skipping a row in the process)

FIXME THIS CHART IS wRONG, use Neshaten Time Line

Era of Restart Era of Exploration YE Year
755 000 24
755v 000 25
756 000 26
756v 000 27
757 000 28
757v 000 29
758 000 30
758v 000 31
759 000 32
759v 000 33
760 001 34
760v 001v 35
761 002 36
761v 002v 37
762 003 38
762v 003v 39
763 004 40

For a larger list of years (in case your character goes beyond what is here, or if you want a better depiction) go here: Neshaten Year Guide

How does a year work?

Simply put, one Neshaten Year, is two Human Years. This means, in other words, 2012 is the Neshaten Year of EoE 001. 2013, would still be EoE 001. However, 2014 would be EoE 002.


Human Year Nesha Year Seasons Yamatai Year
2012 EoE 001 Harvest > Cold YE 34
2013 EoE 001-v Cold > Storms YE 35
2014 EoE 002 Harvest > Cold YE 36
2015 EoE 002-v Cold > Storms YE 37
2016 EoE 003 Harvest > Cold YE 38
2017 EoE 003-v Cold > Storms YE 39
2018 EoE 004 Harvest > Cold YE 40
2019 EoE 004-v Cold > Storms YE 41
2020 EoE 005 Harvest > Cold YE 42
2021 EoE 005-v Cold > Storms YE 43
2022 EoE 006 Harvest > Cold YE 44
2023 EoE 006-v Cold > Storms YE 45
2024 EoE 007 Harvest > Cold YE 46
2025 EoE 007-v Cold > Storms YE 47
2026 EoE 008 Harvest > Cold YE 48
2027 EoE 008-v Cold > Storms YE 49

The -v refers to the second half of that year.

It should be noted that the Era of Restart saw the addition of the 'second half of the year' to the Neshaten Calender, in order for the Neshaten to retain their tradition. Because of this, it makes understanding the year and how they operate much easier.

How do seasons work on a human understanding?

Generally speaking, what is listed is how they work:

Begin Neshaten (Example: EoE 002) and Human Year (Example: Start of 2014)
Season Months
New Harvest January > February
Waxing Harvest March > April
Waning Harvest May > June
Full Harvest July > August
New Cold September > October
Waxing Cold November > December
End Human Year (Example: End of 2014)
Begin Human Year (Example: Start of 2015) Neshaten Year Advances: (Example: EoE 002-v)
Wanning Cold January > February
Full Cold March > April
New Storm May > June
Waxing Storm July > August
Wanning Storm September > October
Full Storm November > December
End Neshaten and Human (Example: End of 2015)
Begin Human Year, repeat cycle (Example: 2016), Neshaten year advances by one (Example: EoE 003)

Now, if we use the Yamatai Calender, this would also mean that the Neshaten would go into EoE year 002 when the Yamataian Calender is YE 36 (Or, 2014).

Why the strange birth year and calculations?

To put it simply, it has to do with Neshaten history. Their old homeworld took nearly nine hundred days to revolve around its parent star, this is because that planet was located a good distance from the star - but within that systems habitable zone.

When the Neshaten evacuated to their new system, they discovered that the planet they settled on actually took less time to revolve around the star. Although they could've just done away with the four hundred thousand year old system they were originally using, they decided to just keep it since it made sense to them.

It's like the old saying if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Ok, so if they age once every two years, how does education work?

[Rewritten to make easier to understand]

They age once every two OOC years, however, education is largely unaffected. Humans typically spend twelve years in school, but to someone not used to the Neshaten calender, they may view Neshaten children as spending almost twenty four. This is not true, Neshaten children still spend at most twelve years of schooling (depending on if they decide to join the work force after their sixth year of school or not), the only reason it appears that they spend longer is because the Neshaten calender is twice as long as a typical human one.

Thus, to a Human, a Neshaten child spends two years per grade, but a Neshaten child they only spend 'one' year per grade.

Can the Rite of Honour be considered marriage?

No, that's not what the Rite of Honour is. The Rite of Honour is a unique and special event in the lives of the Neshaten, it's also quite rare.

Can I make a Shukaren or My'leke in another faction?

As of this point, yes you can; but please inform the FM before doing so.

Why is Nobility and Royalty seperate when they are both the same? With Nobility being just a lesser form of Royalty?

This is more of a blunder on my end than anything else, despite knowing quite a bit of monarchs and my love of them I - for some reason - thought Nobility were not Royalty while I was creating the Neshaten, by the time someone noticed and corrected me on my mistake it was pretty much too late to change that.

Cultural wise, it can be explained that the Neshaten consider Nobility to be a seperate class from Royalty. Where as other factions, would consider Nobility to be part of Royalty.

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