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Neshaten Government

The Neshaten Government is comprised of Council Monarch with a legislative, executive, and military branch. The government was carefully set up so that the citizens have a direct say in practically 'everything' that goes on, with the exception of the chosing of King and Queen due to it being already restricted to those who are bonded through the Rite of Honour. All branches of government are required to have their branches comprised of half citizens, one fourth nobles, and one fourth of royalty. This helps prevent members of the Noble and Royal classes from passing laws that may seem unfavorable to citizens, or from stopping the Nobles and Royalty from passing laws that influence 'only' them. The exception to this is the Military Branch, since those members are not considered part of the social ladder.

All areas of government, including the divisions, are required to not discriminate between Shukaren and My'leke.

Advisory Council

The council is currently comprised of sixteen people, all serving as advisors to the King and Queen. The council helps make recommendations for laws, suggestions for colonizing new worlds, or even advising on construction of ships or stations but also to make recommendations on improving their own indivisual division or to bring up problems with said divisions. The council is made up of one person from each division department, including one from the legislative and executive branches, to help advise on matters related to laws. Along with one person from the military, to help advise on matters of defense and, if it ever comes to it, war.

As new divisions are added, so to is a new councilmen.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is involved in the general running of the Kingdom, they are responsible for giving their seal of approval to laws or the commiting of war against others or even the ceasing of hostilities. The Executive branch, like the legislative branch, are voted into their positions by the citizenry. Executive members only serve three years in office before they must resign from their position.

Any laws that get approved by the Executive branch must then be approved by the King and/or Queen. This goes for any wars as well, the King and Queen can declare war as long as the declaration isn't done for personal or private gains. A war should only be declared if there is an absolute threat to the Kingdom, or, if the race that the war is to be declared against has already attacked them. Wars are a costly endevour, and the Neshaten hate wars because of their past history, going to war is a serious decision and one that isn't taken lightly.

Depending on circomstances, the citizenry may actually be allowed to vote on whether to go to war or not.

Because of how important the Executive Branch is, all members of this branch are expected to intermingle with the general population, hearing thoughts and suggestions from the general population that could help improve the Kingdom as a whole.

This branch is also the one that controls all armed ship leasing, citizens and nobles can't own their own armed vessels, thus all weaponized vessels are leased out from the Empire or recognized companies with the permission of the Executive Branch. Ships that are unarmed can be bought by citizens and nobles alike, if they plan to add weapons, they must get a license from the Kingdom.

King and Queen

In order for a new king and queen to be crowned, the candidates must be bonded - in other words one Shukaren and one My'leke who have passed the Rite of Honour, they must also have served in the military, due to their roles as overall military commanders and thus they are expected to understand the military and how it is run. The reason why its one My'leke and one Shukaren, is to help keep the peace between the two seperate races and to not show any form of favorism in the goverment.

How long a King and Queen serves depends on the people and whether or not they approve of their actions. The maximum that a King and Queen can serve is actually forty years.

Legislative Branch

Where the Executive Branch is responsible for running the Kingdom, the Legislative Branch is responsible for writing up all laws, policies and regulations. Those in the Legislative Branch serve only four years before a new batch of policitians must be voted in, the way the government is set up forbids relatives or family members from running for any positions of government for at least eight years. Along with their responsibilities as a legislative law making branch, they are also responsible for making certain companies and departments are following said laws.

Like the executive branch, they to much also intermingle with the general population to help ensure that things are running smoothly.

Military Branch

The Military Branch of the government is responsible for operating and overseeing the Empires Volunteer Military. They make any policies and regulations that govern 'only' the military, they also have a great deal of weight in military matters. Those in the military branch are 'not' picked from the general population and only those who have served twenty years in the military can be chosen.

Oversight Committee

Although not directly a part of the government in general, the Commitee none the less serves an important role of making certain all branches of government do as they are supposed to and that none of them are trying to disobey the will of the people. The commitee is fully civilian and has access to most information in the branches, they are - however - restricted in what they can actually see in the military.

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