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Heavy "Cerenema" Plasma Turret

The Cerenema is a heavy plasma turret design to reach out and touch enemy ships, it fires a concentrated stream of plasma and is equiped with the same systems as those used on the broadside plasma battery. It was created in EE001 and put into service in EE001-v(YE 35).


The Broadside Plasma Battery is capable of being recessed into the side of a ships hull, this helps protect it from enemy sneak attacks or from when the ship doesn't need them.

It should be noted that while this weapon is primary meant for use against other starships, enough ships with the broadside can easily turn a particular area of space into a killing field against fighters and ordinances.

Like most Neshaten based weaponry, it has two different fire modes. One is a pulse fire mode, and the other is a concentrated stream mode.


Class: Anti-ship Type: Weapon Designers: Yuina'cema Merchant Family Manufacturer: Yuina'cema Merchant Family, Mliitary Dockyards Organizations: Kingdom of Neshaten


Max Range (space): 2 light second, 600,000 kilometers Max Range (atmosphere): 450 kilometers

Rate of Fire:

  • Beam Mode: Concentrated beam of up to forty five seconds, can refire once every fifty seconds.


Beam Mode

Beam Mode is the primary firing mode of the Cerenema, it fires a concentrated beam of high-energy plasma at a target, the beam can be 'curved' if the turret starts to move after being fired. This allows gunners to hit multiple targets in the course of the beams life-span.

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • 5 SDR


The cannon has several components to it

Heat Sinks

Located on the front and also toward the rear, the heatsinks help dissipate the intense heat that the cannon generates during firing. These heatsinks should be replaced after each battle, or once every one hundred hours of consecutive use.

Plasma Generator

Found in the rear of the cannon is two plasma generators, or the generator that actaually generates the plasma needed. The generator is isolated behind four inches of Cynestran in order to protect it from direct hits to the cannon or from plasma cascade reactions (a state in which the cannon is in the process of firing only to be destroyed by enemy fire, resulting in the plasma 'backing up')

Plasma Collectors

Plasm collectors are a series of systems found throughout the cannon that helps to absorb any unspent plasma to be recycled and reused with the gun, this can reduce the amount of plasma needed to fire althoug hit doesn't reduce it's refire time. The system can also help fight against a plasma cascade

Fire Control Center

Each cannon has its own dedicated Neshaten Flight Control Center.

Plasma Feed System

A system that feeds the plasma into the cannon and then helps 'shape' it into a beam.

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