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Age Group 14+
Educational Secondary Education
Previous Division Sh'ishen or Ui'ishen
Next Division Jui'ashen

An I'oshen is a title that relates to a Neshaten Kit whom has graduated from Sh'ishen, or in some schools, from Ui'ishen, and now undertaking more advanced classes, primarily meant for Kits fourteen years of age and older, and is the first level of secondary education. I'oshen is not compulsory education, but rather, is optional for all Kits; this is because I'oshen relates to all manners of technical and career training skills that are taught within the school environment; I'oshens tend to have an advantage in the working environment because they've spent more time educating themselves and less time working, although this isn't always a good thing. In many cases, I'oshen students are typically those who come from well-off families or from families whom have the money to send their Kits into their second phase of schooling. Like their Sh'ishen counterparts, I'oshen get a lot of their education and schooling through field trips and hands on activities and workshops.

I'oshen costs students families more money than Sh'ishen because of the more advanced forms of education, although these costs may be offset depending on the school a student may attend. I'oshen translates to 'Enlightened Child' in Tinacen, which refers to a child being rather intelligent or educated.


The following table is a list of skills that are common-place amongst I'oshen, however, unlike those in a military setting; these skills can be more openly defined by the player. Knowledge is always a required skill within the Neshaten. Players can also use the provided descriptions, or create their own.

Skill Description
Knowledge The kit is well versed in their Kingdoms history and laws and maintains a good memory of what is right and what is wrong.
Mathematics The kit is well versed in the meaning behind mathematics as well as knowing both the basics and the advanced forms of it, they are versed in Algebra, Calculus, and several other forms.
Fighting The kit knows quite a bit about defending ones self, including how to utilize both hand to hand weaponry such as swords and staves but also firearms and rifles.


I'oshen is basically high school.

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