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Ini'she (Counselor)

:!: WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

The Ini'she is an occupation within the Kingdom that handles all manners of assisting others with problems, counseling them on emotional and mental issues and also being there to help a person through hard times. Counselors are not a common occupation, due to the high amount of requirements needed to get approval from the monarchy; this is because Ini'she are entrusted with the most important thing in the world - a person's privacy, and the Ini'she has to be able to keep that privacy to themselves and not release anything of important to others whom are not authorized to know.

The job is an Ini'she is not an easy one, this is because it spans several different areas of the Kingdom. In the first year of an Ini'she's instructional training, they are taught first how to handle Kits in their pre-elementary and elementary years, this includes being taught how to help Kits understand what is going on around them in the event of a stressful and tense situation, which also includes that death of family members and working them through such events. Along with this, they are taught the mental and emotional levels of Kits and what can potentially trigger depression, hatred, or other types of episodes.

After graduation, an Ini'she can enter into the educational system as a Sh'ishen Ini'she or a I'oshen Ini'she.

Another level of the Ini'she involves that of family counseling; where the Ini'she helps families out with issues that causing rifts to form or problems to occur. The last level of the Ini'she is that of a Navy Counselor. Ini'she who join the military is commonly known as Ini'she Shukara, these particular councilors carry with them a great deal of responsibility including serving as recruiters for the Navy, which involves them helping out potential volunteers with career placement and assisting the volunteer in understanding what they are going to be going through in basic; within the Navy, outside of the recruitment area, Ini'she do a slightly different job, where they assist enlisted soldiers with career guidance and helping them through problems plaguing them either due to their career or do to missions they've gone on.

Navy Ini'she also serve aboard star ships and stations, serving in much the same capacity as their ground-based counterparts. Those stationed in space are considered bridge officers, on a ship they are considered advisor's to the bridge crew and the Shipmaster, where they can provide advise and suggestions based off their own experiences. Navy Ini'she are considered civilians, however, they must still go through the same level of combat training that regular soldiers go through - this is so that in the event of combat, an Ini'she isn't helpless and can defend themselves.

In a way, Ini'she is a required occupation before a person can be chosen to be an Ni'sho; because of this, Ini'she are qualified to serve in first contact situations.

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