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Juy'uen Pulse Laser Cannon

The Juy'uen is a vehicular mounted forward firing laser cannon used on small vehicles or on tanks for use in attacking things that are directly in front of them. It was created in ER 701 and entered service in ER 704

Nomenclature Information

Designer: Juy'usen Manufacturer: Shukara Volunteer Navy Name: Juy'uen Pulse Laser Cannon Type: Laser Cannon Role: Anti-Personnel or Anti-ordinance Length: 3 Meters Rate of Fire: Thirty shots every four seconds. Damage: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel (Lethal)


The Juy'uen was created when the Carolance Gravity Bike was being designed, and is intended for use against targets ahead of the vehicle it is mounted on. It can be used on any military style vehicle.


The actual appearance of the Juy'uen can vary considerably depending on the vehicle that it is mounted on, it can either look like a straight circular tube or like a sliced U. Generall, it's base is circular though with a small maintenance hatch to allow for the servicing of the weapon.

Discharge Information

Firing Mechanism

The weapon is fired by either pressing the firing bottom on a control stick, this draws power from the vehicles generator or capacitor and then runs it through the firing chamber before firing it. During the firing sequence, heat sinks built into the weapons frame will rapidly heat up and vent the heat into the air around the vehicle. It should be warned that touching the barrel during or after firing is not recommended.



The cannon system has a small capacitor that is used to collect fire that permits the weapon to fire rapidly.

Rapid Fire Cannon

The main part of the cannon assembly is the rapid fire portion of it, this segment fires an x-ray laser.

  • Purpose: Anti-Personnel
  • Damage: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
  • Range: roughly 1.2 KM's
  • Rate of Fire (Rapid Pulse): Thirty shots every four seconds.
  • Payload Onboard capacitor allows for up to thirty shots before needing to recharge and cool down.

Targetting System

There is a miniature targetting system used to help determine 'where' the cannon is actually facing by projecting two red laser beams ahead of the cannons up to forty feet away.

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