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:!: This is mainly a Co-Gm Position.
:!: This article 'will' be expanded upon at a later date.

Neshaten Lexicon

In the Neshaten Navy, a Lexicon is an Executive Officer of a ship or station and serves under the command of a Shipmaster. Executive Officers have much the same roles as those of a Shipmaster, such as ensuring crew safety, running training exercises such as fire drills and combat simulations but also ensuring that they know the names of everyone on board.

Lexicons must be ready to take part in anything that goes onboard a ship, because they serve primarily on the bridge, thats where most of their experience might reside but this doesn't mean an XO should ignore other possibilities. If a ships Chief Engineer is taken out, then its up to the XO to delegate matters, sending out orders to engineers on where to prioritize a ships damage or what systems to repair. If a ships medic is killed, or unable to perform his or her duties, the same applies there.

In short, an XO should be someone who has overall knowledge of not only their occupation but a basic understanding of all others as well, because they never know when they'll be asked by the Shipmaster to take over for one or more areas of the ship.


Much like how a Shipmaster is responsible for training the crew, so is the XO. When an XO is present on a ship, their primary concern is ensuring the crew knows what to do in a situation, regular training drills should be scheduled to take place during down time. Fire is the deadlist thing to happen onboard ship short of enemy boarding, so routine drills to teach a crew how to fight a fire are very important.

An XO should try and make the training look as real as possible, that includes possibly having other crewmen stand in as injured in the event of a fire or boarding action.


An XO should ensure that he treats his crew just as fairly as he'd want to be treated. Because they are the one's who soldiers will often turn to for questions and answers, and sometimes even for a request of orders when departments don't have leaders.

However, there are times when an XO may need to put on the authority, this includs times such as when a crew member makes a mistake that could potentially kill another - or if a soldier steps out of line, causing a scene.

But the one thing an XO must never do, is mistreat thier Shipmaster in such a fashion that could potentially lead to questioning aboard ship. If a Shipmaster makes a mistake in combat, they should be approuched in private about the mistake, never call them out.


Because an XO helps command a ship, and serves under that of a Shipmaster, they also have the same duties and responsibilities of a Shipmaster. This includs training drills but it also includes setting up missions alongside the Shipmaster. Attending briefings that are related to upcoming missions, or keeping the Shipmaster informed of what goes on inside the ship, the XO is an extension of the Shipmsater.

There might also be a time when an XO is in charge of giving out orders to ships in a squadron or group.

Command Structure

On smaller ships, an XO might only be present on the bridge, while on larger ships they might actually be in charge of a ships CiC or even located in other areas. Whatever is the case, all officers report directly to the XO with the exception of officers on the brige who instead report directly to the Shipmaster.

From there, the XO relates important information to the Shipmaster and then relays any orders the Shipmaster has to their subordinates.

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