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Neshaten Light Vision Goggles

As the Shukaren (Species) and My'leke (Species) are a nocturnal race, they are primarily active during the night. However, there are undoubtably times when they are active during the daytime either due to jobs that require it, or for activities that take place during those times. In order to help them see better during the day, one of the things that was re-engineered after they set their research facilities back up was their Light Vision Goggles, which have gone through a myriad of redesigns and refits. The newest version of these goggles was created in ER 771 but was only made available to the military, it wasn't until ER 774 did civilians get access to them.


The Neshaten Light Vision Goggles, codified as LVG-774, were created to help give the Neshaten's Nocturnal races the ability to see during the light of day. The goggles work by dampening sun-light to a level appropriate for the Neshaten's natural eyes to take over by filtering this light through a series of lenses that dampen it, this is because too much light effects their eyes, so they have to reduce it.

There is an adjustment switch on the goggle however, so that a person can adjust how much light is filtered, so that the goggles can used during any periods of daylight, be it dawn, noon, or dusk.

The goggles come in two flavors though, one that is used by civilians and one used by the military. The military version has a few features that the civilian one doesn't, but both of which look practically exactly alike.

The goggles have a waist band that can be loosened or tightened to give them a comfortable fit on a person's head.


The LVG-744's appear as regular glasses only with blinds on the sides that keeps light out, the goggles are flexible and form around a person's head. The lens are black to help filter out the intense light of a sun or that of a bright flood-light, there are sensors modules on the sides of the goggles that works to analyze the amount of light in a given area and then reduce that amount of light to make the wearer able to see better.

An elastic band on the back makes it easy for the wearer to configure the goggles to either be on tightly or loosely.


Manufacturer: Yuina'cema Merchant Family Type: Light Vision Googles Nomenclature: Ne-G1-1a Designer: Fer'ena Yuina'cema


There are different features depending on whether the goggles are military or civilian issue.


The LVG-744-C, or Civilian, is the type of goggles used primarily by Neshaten Civilians, or those not part of military. The goggles come standard with light dampening software and video feedback to allow a person to access news feeds or even use the small camera located on the side of the goggles to record footage either from a vacation or a family gathering.

This goggle can be purchased for only one hundred and forty one Rn's


the LVG-744-MP, or Military and Police, comes with several additional features that are restricted to military and police usage. The goggles have a built in magnification system along with a connection port that allows a person to connect their goggles up to their standard issued weapons or devices, allowing them to control said items better. The goggles HUD is more advanced, including a targetting display, locator software to help locate people who are missing and have activated a locator beacon, and also a global positioning system with an overhead map overlay to better navigate terran. All of this is included, but at an additional cost. The goggles are slightly more bulky but not by much.

This item is not available to civilians, only available to military soldiers or police officers.

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