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Mark 1 'Rok'truvance' Anti-fighter Turrets

Referred to as Rok'truvance, or 'Plasma Rain' by Neshaten military crew, the Mark 1 Anti-Fighter Turret was created to help combat enemy fighters and serves double duty as an anti-munitions turret as well. The beams high-rate of fire is tempered only by its twin barrels, which result in it having a slightly lower damage per hit ratio compared to other turrets like it. Although designed for use against fighters, it can be used against things larger than a fighter.

The turret has two fire modes, which can be switched between by the crew on a needed basis. The first is a rapid fire plasma cannon, while the second is a concentrated beam of plasma that lasts for five seconds, but results in the weapon having a longer cool-down timer vs. the rapid fire mode.

Beam mode is typically used in close engagements with enemy starships, while rapid fire is more-so appropriate for enemy fighters and ordinance.


Class: Anti-Fighter/Ship Type: Weapon Designers: Yuina'cema Merchant Family Manufacturer: Yuina'cema Merchant Family, Military Dockyards


Max Range (space): 1 light second, 300,000 kilometers Max Range (atmosphere): 500 kilometers

Rate of Fire: Depends on mode.


Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire mode allows the weapon to fire at a near continuous rate, at the risk of barrel overheating. Thus, the weapon is typically fired in short bursts once every five seconds. The plasma fired has much shorter range that that of the concentrated mode.

Rate of Fire: Once every two seconds

Concentrated Beam

Used strictly for combat against larger ships at close range, the CB mode has the flaw of requiring more power over a shorter period of time and with the higher risk of overheating the barrel. The beam has a slightly longer range than that of the rapid fire plasma mode, but because of its purpose, has a longer refire rate.

Rate of fire: Once every ten seconds.

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