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Mark X Burster Assault Cannon

The Mark X Burster is a Neshaten cannon designed to punch through solid fortifications, although it is also commonly used against vehicles as well. It was put into service in EE001-v.


Designed originally to attack heavy armored fortifications, the 120mm Burster is equally at home as an anti-tank weapon. It uses a single type of ammunition to accomplish this task and has several recoil compensator built into its forward section but these compensator only help in keeping the cannon stable when placed on a threaded platform, the compensator go little to help it when its placed on an anti-gravity platform. The cannon can either be manually or auto-loaded, although preference is toward auto-loading.

Nomenclature Information

Designer: Cu'res Kyi'ane Manufacturer: Shukara Volunteer Navy Name: Burster Assault Cannon Type: Smoothbore Kinetic cannon Role: Anti-Fortification Length: 8 Meters Rate of Fire: One shot every ten seconds. Damage: Based off ammunition used.


The Burster is an eight meter long cannon with four compensator in the front.


Uses the following ammunition.

DN99 'Killer' K.E.P.

Used on

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