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Neshaten Navy Medals and Awards

The following is a list of Navy Medals and Awards for the Neshaten military, though not all rewards are military centric, some can be given to citizens are well for exemplary service or to recognize their achievements.


Medal and Awards earned in Combat.

Medal Details Military/Civilian
Defense Service Medal Awarded for the defense of the Kingdom or her Planets Both
Supreme Service Medal Awarded for displaying bravery and courage in the face of insurmountable odds Military
Flying Phoenix Medal One of the highest awards a soldier can achieve, usually awarded postharmously, the ward is a sign of a soldiers courage and duty in the face of danger and for giving the ultimate sacrifice Military
Phoenix Medal Awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements Both
Fire Cross The second highest award, given to ship crews or squads for flying into danger without a care for their safety but rather for the safety of others Military
Blood Cross Awarded to a soldier who is captured in the line of duty, and survives to either be rescued or escaped but doesn't devulge any information to the enemy Military
Windy Order Issued to soldiers and ships and squads who have taken part in a secret mission and survived Military
Oriental Combat Award Awarded for engaging an enemy of the Kingdom in space combat Military
Urban Combat Award Awarded for engaging an enemy of the Kingdom in ground combat Military
Survivalist Given to soldiers and ships whom have survived their first mission Military
Bloody Dragon Ribbon A medal given to starship crews whose ship suffered considerable damage, but were able to keep on going in a fight and survive. Military
Bloody Kiri Medal Awarded to a soldier who, despite being gravely injured or injured to the point of being unable to control, was still able to perform their duties in combat Military
Tearful Kotzany Pin Given to soldiers who cowarded in the face of danger and didn't help their comrades, this pin is usually accompanied by a demotion or station transfer. Military


Medals and Awards earned in non-combat situation.

Medal Details Military/Civilian
Rescue Ribbon Awarded to a person who puts their lives in pariel to rescue the life of another Both
Rescue Cross The second tier ribbon to the Rescue Ribbon, awarded to persons who have rescued ten of their companions from near death instances. Both
Cross Career Medal Given to soldiers who have two or more career fields Military
Good Conduct Medal Given to soldiers who are helpful and spend their time assisting their fellow crewmen outside of their occupation's duties. Military
Exploratory Cross Given to ships or squadrons who have successfully completed an exploratory mission Military
Bloody Ex Cross This award is given to indivisual solders who have explored a planet but suffered injuries in the process and survived. Military
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