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Neshaten Military Field Rations

The Standard Military Field Ration given to all Kingdom of Neshaten soldiers and available for free to civilians for emergency purposes.

As the Neshaten have never had to fight any battles for nearly two thousand years, ever since the end of the Great War, their meal packets are designed with the sense that they are only a temporary solution. There hasn't been a need to improve upon that which isn't out of date. They come in packages of thirty.

Packet Type Calorie Count
SMRP 1,200

Standard Meal Ration Packet

The SMRP is a single large packet that can fit into a soldiers bag, these packets are dark green with the symbol of the exile on it. They are opened via the top by a 'tear away' tab. The packets have a shelf life of one year depending on storage conditions, but can theoretically last longer.

This packet contains the following items:

  • Large drink packet that contains 15 oz of Water or juice
  • Wheat packet, containing wheat bread or wheat soup
  • Fruit packet, contains various types of fruit slices, all preserved.
  • Meal packet, contains either soup or some type of edible paste.
  • Meat packet, contains either chicken, turkey, or ham slices.

The packet also has the following :

  • Plastic Fork and Spoon
  • Condiments, such as salt, pepper, and spicy sauce.
  • Napkins

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