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Neshaten Multipurpose Torpedo

Designed alongside the construction of the Lazerus, but originally intended for the She'tan'ora, the Multipurpose Torpedo is a Neshaten missile based weapon that can carry any kind of general purpose warhead for use in battle. Research began in ER 745 but wasn't completed and put into active service until ER 773.

General Information

When the She'tan'ora Exploratory vessels were first being created, they were fitted with torpedo tubes for launching ordanences bigger than the traditional Type 1 Nuclear Missile, Concussion Missile, and Type 1 Explosive Missile. However, even when the She'tan'ora was completed, the research and development of the Multipurpose Torpedo wasn't and it would take another year before it was fully completed.

The torpedo was designed so that a ship could decide what type of a warhead was needed in a given situation, instead of having to stock multiple different types of torpedo’s each with a different kind of warhead. The torpedo measures at least five meters long with the warhead and is made out of crynatorium. The torpedo is propelled via cold plasma; this engine shuts off when the missile is on course toward its target but will reactivate when the target is off.

A guidance system is built into the missiles forward section just behind the warhead, stabilizing fins located on the rear help to stir the torpedo in atmosphere but are effectively useless in space so in place of fins, miniature thrusters handle the turning of the torp.

There are two methods that they torpedo can be launched, the first is from a dedicated torpedo launcher. The second method is engaging a time delay on the torpedo's engine and then dropping it out the back of a ships shuttle or fighter bay, or cargo hold. However, the last method will result in the torpedo's targetting systems not functioning due to the lack of getting targetting data from a ships computer. This effectively will turn the torpedo into a 'dumb-fire' torpedo, which will fly in a straight line.


The Multi-purpose Torpedo was envisioned as a means for the Neshaten to protect their planets from threats more serious than those of rogue ships and terrorist fighters and starships. However, the torpedo's introduction into the Neshaten arsenal came to late for Levia (Planet).


The following is a list of components for the torpedo.


The torpedo bares a slight resemble to a squished enclosed tube, with the two ends sticking out on either side. it is made out of a mostly reinforced titanium but has a layer of crynatorium to give it some form of protection from point defense weaponry.


Powered by a miniature fusion reactor, which provides power to the torpedo’s onboard systems, the reactor also doubles as a secondary explosive force when the torpedo is destroyed.


Runs on a miniturized version of the Crena Energy Engine, there are several drawbacks however one being where due to the engines power costs, the torpedo can only remain active for three minutes before it runs out of power. This gives the torpedo has a limited lifetime.

There are also small chemical thrusters on the sides of the missile that help to steer the missile.


Guidance System

A small guidance system helps to navigate the torpedo toward it's intended target. Requires telemetry and targetting data from a dedicated torpedo launcher in order to chase a target.


A miniature computer that is located almost in the center of the missile just forward of the power plant, the computer is used in conjunction with the guidance system, with the computer designed to automatically self-destruct the torpedo when it registers no hits after thirty seconds of flight.


The following three warheads are used with this torpedo.

Warhead Damage
Explosive Tier 8 or Tier 9, Medium Anti-Mecha or Heavy Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)
Hot Plasma Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel
Nuclear Tier 10, Light Anti-Starship

Explosive Warhead

The explosive warhead is made out of L-24 Explosive, it delivers a moderate bunch to any unshielded target but is largely useless against anything that has a shield.


The Plasma warhead is a warhead that use's hot plasma to generate a superheated explosive upon contact with an enemy shield or even the hull and can potentially burn through the hull for a small period of time before cooling. The warhead itself is split into two halves, the first having the gas, while the second has the ignition.


The nuclear warhead is a medium sized warhead with the nuclear fusion charge encased within.

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