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MX-98 Scanner

The MX-98 is a scanner created by the Neshaten Volunteer Military is EoE 001 (YE34) in response to a growing need in better personel handheld scanning devices.


The MX98 is a scanner that was designed to help give Neshaten soldiers and civilians alike the ability to scan cargocrates or rooms with more ease than the older, more outdated scanners. The scanner was designed with ease of usage in mind, so that both a Shukaren and My'leke can wield it.


Designed in EoE 001, the MX-98 was a device created in response to an ever growing need for an updated scanner. The original scanning device that soldiers and citizens alike used for scanning cargocrates or for just general usage was good for what it was designed for, but had many failing points that the MX-98 was designed to address.

It was created with feedback from soldiers and citizens alike and became available in the middle of EoE 001.


The scanner resembles a circular object with a narrow bar sticking out the bottom. There is a control surface on the 'bar' that operates the device. The actual scanner itself is located on the front and also 'under' the visual display with the main scanning components are located ni the display itself.


The MX-98 has the following feature set:

  • Science suite for geological and meterologic scanning
  • Connectivity to ships central computer
  • Cell battery to operate up to six hours, capable of recharing when left in sun
  • Storage space for up to eight terrabytes of information

Statistical Data


Class: Hand Scanner Type: Multi-Scanner Nomenclature: Ne-G1-A1 Designers: Fyure'nela Electronics Manufacturers: Fyure'nela Electronics Price: 900 Rg


Length: To be determined Height: To be determined Width: To be determined

Onboard Systems

Quantum Computer


Use's a small solar cell battery that has eight hours worth of power.

Solar Panel

Located just above the face of the device is the solar panel used to recharge on the onbaord solar cell.


This scanner as the following two scan suites:


The onboard chemical scanner allows the MX-98 to scan pools of water or liquad for traces of chemicals known to the scanners internal memory.


The onboard geological scanner to scan the general surroundings for up one hundred feet; this scanner can be set to scan for certain terrain features or heat or thermal emissions that moving across the ground.


To be determined

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