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Neshaten Information Network

No matter where you are, we bring it to you!

The Neshaten Information Network, or NIN for short, is a network that was created to help deliver Kingdom related news to the populace, they are a dual company - privately owned but funded by the Kingdom. Their headquarters is located on Nesha Prime (Planet), in the Neshaten capital of Netoshen. Because of past terrorist attacks, their headquarters is one of those buildings that has its own private security force.

They are known for reporting the news as is, having Daur, Laibe, and My'leke as anchors. During political debates, they always ensure that all parties are present to speak, and that all parties are given time to debate.

However, the other thing NIN is known for is having subsidiaries, including those that deal with the military and business side of reporting, but they also have scheduled programming where the news is delivered for the mindset of Kits1), to help them understand what is going on in their kingdom.

NIN is considered more civilian in its reporting, leaving the military side of things to the SMNA. However, NIN still has correspondents in the military to help give their own take on what happens.

Subsidiaries include, but are not limited to, the following:

News Articles

The following lists various news article for the NIN, this also inclusd those from the military news agency as well.

Date Subject Brief Summery Reporting Agency Main Story
EE002-v, Full Storm Season New Light-vision System in Development Scientists unveil possible new light-vision system, with hopes that it'll replace the current bulky system. Neshaten Information Network NIN News Report 1
EE002-v, Full Storm Season Mysterious Happening in Capital Citizens notice an increase in construction traffic into a restricted tunnel Neshaten Information Network NIN News Report 2

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