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The Netrunu'marol are a terrorist organization whose intention is to cause terror and havoc for the Neshaten.

“We shall cleanse the Kingdom of the filth that infests it, the streets will run red with the blood of the Daur, the heads of the My'leke will hang from everyone's doors. We shall take back what is rightfully ours! Rise up my brothers! You should not remain shackled to the filth!” – Dru'trokis, Leader of the Netrunu'marol Terrorist Group. Recorded from an Anti-Daur, Anti-My'leke broadcast.


The Netrunu'marol is an organization that is one of the primary concerns of The Kingdom of Neshaten. It is composed primarily of like-minded Laibe who are species-supremacists and has the goal of establishing a Laibe dominated government. This organization is both highly violent, xenophobic, and racist and has been labeled as a terrorist organization by The Kingdom. Despite its chosen methods of operation, the Netrunu'marol has no problem garnering recruits, monetary or material support due to the current situation the Laibe population.

Renowned and vilified for its fanatical and violent nature, the organization constantly seeks to undermine the current government of The Kingdom through whatever means necessary - killing civilians or members of the constituent species that makes up the organization is also of no concern.

In addition, the group actively targets any individuals, groups or organizations that assist factions or groups that the Netrunu'marol considers an enemy, which includes members of their own species. Due to this, individuals of the group's constituent species, the Laibe, are also under threat of violence from this group if they are not sympathetic to the Netrunu'marol.

Despite the Netrunu'marol's violent, underhanded, indiscriminate and cruel method of operation, the Laibe community is divided - many agree, many disagree, and many are undecided.


The Netrunu'marol appeared within Neshaten society in secrecy during the initial settlement and rebuild, almost practically from the very beginning in ER 004 with the destruction of several months worth of supplies that were mainly located at a Daur camp.

It wasn't realized at the time that it was the work of a terrorist group, due in large part to settlers at the time feeling that no one would try and stop the resettling. Most felt that the destruction was caused either by improperly maintained munitions. However, in the year of 304 it became clear that that wasn't the case.

The Netrunu'marol came out with their first public declaration condemning the Daur and My'leke and demanding that their fellow Laibe rise up and take over the Daur and My'leke camps. Right from this declaration, the announcer openly admitted to the bombing of 004.

From this year onward the Netrunu'marol performed small attacks on settlements and villages but usually avoided larger targets due to lack of numbers. This changed overtime, with the group getting more and more members to their cause. In the year of 498, the Monarch Government labeled them terrorists when the Netrunu bombed a children’s play center belonging to the Daur, My'leke and Laibe, resulting in the deaths over nearly one hundred and forty two children.

Propaganda spread by the terrorist group helped keep their numbers in relative stability. Now, however, the Netrunu have adopted another kind of policy - since the space race has begun and the Neshaten have begun to expand outward, the Netrunu have no desire to see the Neshaten meet other races in fear that those races might control them.

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