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Commanding Officer: Q'Abrenal Sui'treje Eryu'ne
Parent Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Faction: Kingdom of Neshaten
Status: Active
Manager: Kyle

Or'ion, or Operational Recon and Intelligence Organization of the Navy, is the intelligence division of the Neshaten armed forces. They are responsible for the gathering and analyzes of intelligence, but that isn't the only thing that the organization handles, their operations are far broader than simple intelligence gathering. Or’ion is commanded by Q'Abrenal Sui'treje Eryu'ne.


Or’ion is a very old organization, having been created back when the Kingdom was originally a Federation, during the early days of it. Back then, Or’ion was tasked with simple intelligence gathering but had grown more into a black organization whose operations encompassed various fields, including weapon design and assassination just to name a few. The organization was rather secretive, so much so, that the citizens of the time knew very little about its operations and even those in the military didn't know of them. This often led to friction amongst non-intelligence officers who often felt like they were being railroaded.

When the Great War was coming to a close, and the evacuation of the home sector was underway, some of Or’ion's most experienced officers and their families were amongst those evacuated; this would later result in Or’ion being brought back into existence in the new world in ER 233. Although at the start, the re-emergence of Or’ion was much like any other intelligence organization that had existed in the past, they handled mainly Intel gathering and observation, but this changed quickly and in ER 700 they went back to being their typical, black operations group that handled everything from Intel gathering, analyzes, to black operations and research and development.

In ER 750, Or’ion faked a biological attack on one of Nesha VI's large moons in order to 'acquire' a secret base for their operations. This base, known as Necropolis, is a high security facility and only Intel officers of certain ranks can get access to the base.

Then, in ER 760, Or’ion began construction of their fake headquarters, “The Citadel,” on the homeworld, intended to draw attention 'away' from the real thing.

Divisional Structure

Or’ion is broken up into several divisions, each one primed to handle a certain part of Or’ion's operations. Out of all of the divisions, Section Six is the only one that is aware of what 'all' of the divisions actually do, this is the oversight division.

Section Zero

Section Zero is the face of Or’ion, what most people will actually see when they enter into Or’ion's headquarters or their affiliated military branch. Section Zero handles information collection and release, and is where most military records can be accessed by military personnel and their families. It operates similar to a human resources department, except on a much higher secretive level.

Section One

Section One is one of two very secretive divisions with Or’ion, they handle internal investigations and make certain that all other divisions operate well within Or’ion's policies. Their operations are so secretive, that only those in the upper echelon are even remotely aware of what they do, this is because Section One handles much more than just 'internal investigations', but also monitoring of military leadership and ship movements.

Section Two

Section Two is the research and development arm of Or’ion and sometimes referred as Omega 21, they are another highly classified division due in large part to their researching of black projects that wouldn't be authorized by the Monarch (not openly that is) or any the citizenry. Their operations, like Section One, are of a nature that no one outside of the upper echelon are aware of them or even their very existence.

Section Two is a closely guarded secret; they inhabit their own section of The Citadel.

Active RnD Projects

  • Cloaking Technology
  • Improved Stealth Armor
  • Walker Tech

Section Three

Section Three is a division whose purpose is propaganda. They are responsible for the handling of communications between planets, military units, and civilian ships, along with the eliminating or disseminating of rumors, and preventing the spread of information that could be detrimental to either morale or military operations. Essentially, they help ensure that no military soldier accidentally (or intentionally) releases information that could cause serious damage to fleet movements, operations, or the defensive of a planet.

Section Four

Section Four is the special weapons and tactical division, their operations are very simple: they are an assassination division whose goals are to go after anyone who might be a threat to the military, citizenry, or the monarchy.

Section Five

Section Five is a special projects division, a true black operations group. They handle projects developed by Section Two and then test said projects.

Section Six

Section Six is a special division that handles all oversight of the organization, and ensure that all rules and policies are being followed to the letter. This is done not only to prevent the organization's black operations projects from becoming public knowledge, but it is also done to ensure that no Or'ion agents break their oaths to the organization.

Section Six is also responsible for making sure divisions don't do anything that could expose them.

Section Twelve

Section Twelve is a division within Or'ion but also not within Or'ion, they are actually one part PersCom and one part Or'ion, and thus do not really answer to Or'ion but are located under them for the sake of securecy.

Section Twelce handles all of the militaries classified information along with a list of personnel whom have classified levels. Because security levels are determined by a soldiers rank, it is not common for a soldier of one rank to be given a security that is above that rank - but a military officer is permitted to grant this security increase. Section Twelve has to authorize this increase unless an exception is given by a squadrons commander, at which point they have to grant the increase regardless.

Class Name Description Notes
Ansin Level The most basic of security levels, civilians are given this Ansin Level is a clearance typically given to non-essential personnel who have no need to access information regarding objects or entities within an organization. Ansin Level is also typically held by civilians or anyone who has no need to access opreational information
Endosin Level A step above Ansin, all soldiers are given this The second level of security, this level is given to personnel working in proximity to but that may not have direct, indirect, or informational access to objects or personnel. Endosin Level is typically the first level of security given to a soldier upon completion of training, and also given to civilians who may require access to certain levels of information. This level is also given to members of the nobility.
Mansui Level A level above Endosin, obtained by rank or authorization The third level of security access, Mansui level grants access for security and research personnel (whether civilian or military) that require direct access to information of interest. Most agents, research personnel, and soldiers of warrent officer have this level unless otherwise specified.
Xuiacron Level A level above Mansui and below Uicron, obtained by rank or authorization The fourth level of security, Xuiacron is a security clearance given to senior personnel that require in-depth knowledge regarding a source, circomstances, or even operational information. This level of security is typically given to officers, or soldiers of high standing. It is also a level given to Lords
Uicron Level A level above Xuiacron, and below Xiscre; obtained by authorization only The fifth level of security, Uicron level is a level of security related to regional or operational areas, such as a combat zone, or city locations and is also responsible for the handling of sensitive or highly classified information. This level of security is typically only given to high ranking soldiers, members of a mobile detachment, ground control officers.
Xiscre Level The highest level, can be obtained by authorization only, or by being a member of royalty. Xiscre level is the highest level of security within the Kingdom, these indivisuals have unrestricted access to all manners of information whether its be organizational or sensitive, classified, or otherwise. This level of access is given only to the highest ranked military personnel and the royal family.

Operational Directive

Or’ion operates under a cloak of secrecy, ensuring that none of their operations are revealed to the general public except that which they 'want' to reveal. Or’ion operates utilizing 'black ships' whose armor plating utilizes the most advanced in stealth technology, it is not uncommon for an Or’ion ship to sit in orbit of a planet and for no one to ever know it is actually there, or for a military ship to be 'stalked' by an Or’ion and the officers on board to not know of its existence.


Necropolis is the actual, real, high-security headquarters that Or’ion 'obtained' on Nesha VI, in the Nesha (System). El'ose, the third largest moon orbiting Nesha VI, was originally a large mining complex operated by independent miners, but was evacuated supposedly due to a biological attack done by terrorists, which had rendered the complex uninhabitable.

A jumpgate orbits around El'ose, meant originally for the mining complex that had once existed. The gate is now used by Or'ion, it orbits through the quarantined zone at certain times of the day allowing Or'ion to send its forces through without anyone noticing.

The Citadel

Citadel is the fake headquarters that Or’ion is currently constructing beneath the Isujushan Mountains on Nesha Prime (Planet) located to the far south of Netoshen. The base is intended to serve as a false front for the organization and to 'ward off' their enemies. The Citadel is lightly staffed, in order to give the appearance that it's the 'real thing'

Omega 21

Omega 21 is what Section Two is, they are a closely guarded research and development laboratory that has it's own dedicated section within Necropolis.


Equipment and Fleet(s)


The following is a list of equipment made exclusively for Or'ion and its agents.

Name Purpose
Asurataee Stealth Coating rendered objects invisible to sensors
light_bender_armor used by Or'ion agents


The following is a list of fleet(s) that are operated by Or'ion

Fleet Name Location
Obsidian Nesha VI

Other Information

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