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NG-1 Power Cells

Faction: Kingdom of Neshaten
Manufacturer: Numerous
Type: Power Cell
Cost: 8 Rn

NG-1 Power Cells are a recent invention by the Kingdom of Neshaten, to replace older and more outdated energy cells that were typically used in vehicles, hand-held devices, or even in military weapons. These cells entered service in EE 002-v.


The NG-1 PC is an energy cell designed by the Neshaten to replace the need of energy crystals that were commonplace within Neshaten military weaponry, vehicles, and other devices used throughout the Kingdom - while the usage of energy crystals is still proper for the military, the NG-1 was primarilly designed to give civilians a better save alternative than handling an actual crystal themselves.

Unlike regular crystals though, power cells can be easily recharged several times over before they become useless, where-as a crystal is useless the moment its energy is spent. The NG-1 can be recharged either at a charging station, or from solar cells, or even from being connected to a portable power generator.

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