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Lunebaren Crystals

The substance known as Lunebaren is a crystalline material that occurs naturally on planetoids that have suffered an impact with certain types of hyper-dimensional anomalies. Its structural composition includes several varieties of exotic matter – that is matter with properties which grossly deviate from the norm such as Aether, or particles with negative energy or mass. It is formed by the direct physical contact between large concentrations of heavy elements usually found in a planets crustal layers and the event horizon of a space-time anomaly which interacts with the Hyperspace dimension; like the anomalies directly responsible for the formation of FTL Deadzones.

The unusual particles that form these crystals seem to develop into a natural variation of an inter-dimensional energy tap – sapping and bonding Aetheric particles with the crystals structure and simultaneously releasing large amounts of free electrical energy into the crystals surrounding environment. A given crystals size dictates its capacity for power generation, though the quality of the crystals internal make-up also can play a significant factor; it is possible to manipulate the internal structure of such crystals with exposure to high-intensity electromagnetic radiation. With care, this can be used to improve the structure and increase its capacity for generating electricity to a degree.

Lunebaren Crystals serve as the power-source within the majority of the advanced technology of the Neshaten races, including their starships and planet-based reactors. The Neshaten's understanding of these crystals, their formation process and the physics behind their power generation remains quite incomplete – though they do have enough technical expertise to make use of the crystals to a degree that satisfies their needs. The Neshaten are now able to produce synthetic Lunebaren crystals in facilities harnessing one of the errant anomalies located within their space, though the quality of these synthetic crystals is for some unknown reason inferior to those which they mine – their scientists theorize it may be due to the differences in heat, pressure or gravity in the synthetic production process compared to the more natural crystal formation within a planets crust. The synthetic Lunebaren crystals produce at best a fourth the energy output of a normal crystal of comparable size.

Centuries or millennium prior to the Neshaten's arrival on their present homeworld, their planet suffered an impact with one of the anomalies that makes traditional kinds of FTL travel in their star system practically impossible. The anomaly continues to exist beneath the planets surface, transmuting veins of heavy metals into new deposits of Lunebaren crystal – though an unfortunate side-effect of the anomalies presence is greatly increased tectonic activity and geological instabilities which are increasing at an accelerating pace. Eventually – within a few more decades at the latest – their world will become unable to support life.

In EE 002, several new types of Energy Crystals were discovered.

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