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Rhey’nou Ballistic Helmet

The Rhey’nou Ballistic Helmet is a modular piece of cranial protection designed and developed by the Shukara Volunteer Navy in EE00v41) to be used by the Neshaten armed forces.


The Rhey’nou is simple yet effective, the base model is little more than a helmet-shaped slab of Nasu'ase with moisture-wicking padding on the inside to absorb impacts, the sections where a more human-like pair of ears usually sit contain the communications equipment and micro fusion power source – comms feeding up to the top of the helmet with a pair of basic holographic projectors on either side of the face that can provide a heads up display. Pivoting mounts for a variety of faceplates sit on either temple and a chin strap runs along the bottom of the helmet to secure it on.

About the Foursight Helm
Groups Using This Product: Neshaten Armed Forces
Type: Personal Gear
Nomenclature: NE-G3-6H
Designer: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Manufacturer: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Entered Production: EE00v42)
Weight: 4.3 kg (9.5 lb)3)
Life Expectancy: 50 years
Defensive Capabilities:
Helmet: DRv3 Tier 3, Heavy Personnel


The Rhey’nou is a rather basic metal helmet, with channels in the top for the fox-like ears possessed by Neshaten’s people – it comes in a wide variety of colors and camouflage patterns to suit the individual’s needs.


The Rhey’nou is worn just like any helmet, pulled down over the head and then secured with the chin-strap, the HUD and communications systems are turned on/off via a button located on the underside at the very back of the helmet – it has appropriate ports to be hooked up to radios and such.


The Communications capabilities include satellite (if available), peer to peer relay and standard radio – all of which can be augmented by plugging additional devices to the helmet, default the helmet contains a HUD but no vision enhancement modes, these come in the form of various faceplates and attachments for the helmet.

Optional Attachments

- Multi-spectrum goggles4) - Air filtration faceplate5) - Armoured faceplate6) - Riot visor7) - Exo-atmospheric kit8)

OOC Notes

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without faceplate
vision modes include low light vision, IR, thermal and x100 zoom standard optical - all with a laser range finder.
good for 24 hours, after which the filtration quality begins to degrade exponentially
constructed out of Nasu'ase with a strong polymer visor rated at Tier 2, Medium Personnel
strong polymer visor rated at Tier 2, Medium Personnel, functions like a riot helmet
space-grade seals with hook-ups for oxygen, data and water – relies on external oxygen tanks to function

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