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Neshaten Scanner Array Suite

The Neshaten possess a variety of different sensors that they utilize both on their ships and stations, including, but not limited to: Subspace Mass Sensors, LADAR, Radar, Spatial Sensors, and another system known as 'Pulsing Sensor System' along with the natural two known as Passive and Active sensors.

Pulsing Sensor System

While Ladar and Radar are easily understood, the prospect of a Pulsing Sensor System is something that the Neshaten created back in ER 548 for use in keeping their ships hidden but still able to detect enemy movements through their asteroid fields or even out in open space.

How it works is that the pulsing sensor system sends out a scanner pulse through space, but its only a single pulse, the pulse then returns back an echo from a moving object back to the origin. However, the system can only work against moving target, as targets moving to slowly or that are stationary will not return a ping. This system allows the sending ship to remain invisible to detection, but due to the double sword effect, it can also potentially leave it exposed if a ship is sneaking up behind it moving at just a slow enough speed that the pulsing system doesn't sense it.

This system is primarily deployed during non-combat operations, usually in asteroid fields or in areas where there are slow moving objects but where an enemy may potentially move through an area fast. The sender doesn't need to be stationary to receive a return pulse.

It's got a max range of 160,000 Km's but an effective range of only 35,000 Km's. This means that beyond 35,000 Km's, the accuracy of the system begins to degrade.

Spatial Sensors

Spatial Sensors are a type of sensor used by the Neshaten for their IDT system, the system works by gathering all information around the ship and the surrounding area and then relays it back to a system that converts the singles into a holographic representation that is made available to the shipโ€™s crew. Its main usage is by aviators, who utilize the IDS system for piloting the ship - giving them the full three hundred and sixty degree view around the ship and any objects nearby.

Spatial Sensors are also used for proximity warnings, to help gauge the distance of an object in relation to the origin ship.

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