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Seru’chin Anti-Tank Vehicle Rifle

The Seru’chin is a semi-automatic rifle designed to be mounted on the back of a vehicle or on the Mahurin Weapons Tripod. It was created in ER 700 by Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing for use against vehicles and for taking down heavy targets.

Nomenclature Information

About the Seru'chin

The Seru’chin is an anti-vehicular rifle created to be used against vehicles and armored personal. It was created by inventor Seru’cro Chin’tre who works for S.A.M. The reason the weapon was invented was because the Neshaten – while they had tank’s – needed something else that could be used against vehicles but could either be mounted on a vehicle that lacks an anti-vehicular weapon or that could be used by infantry with the tripod.


The weapon looks like a five foot long brown tube with the front end tempering off with a fifty millimeter barrel at the end. The weapon has signs of being a coil gun, which it is, with side sheets that can be removed to replace the internal coils when they become worn. There is a scope on top of the weapon that is used for sighting, and a trigger on the ‘bottom’ that is used to actually fire it.

On the left side is a magazine that holds the ammo and on the right of the rifle is an ejection chamber where the cartridge is either thrown out of the weapon (such as the case with the weapon being on the ground) or it is jettisoned into a nylon bag (such as the case with the weapon being in the air)

Discharge Information

Muzzle Flash and Retort

When the weapon is fired, the rifle gives off a bright red and blue flash. The end of the muzzle has four slits that come out of the ends of the rifle that help suppress the flash. It gives off a loud retort upon being fired.


The projectile gives off a bluish like effect when fired, leaving behind a blue trail which can give off the appearance of being a tracer but in reality it’s merely the chemicals used to coat the shell when it is being transported. In calm weather, the trail can be seen from up to thirty feet away, in bad weather it is not noticeable at all.


x240 Libra

x240 Libra Damage Quick chart
Type Damage
H-AT Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel

The x20 Libra is a heavy round designed to leave a large hole in the object it hits; it can ignore most infantry body armor and will go through solid concrete and thin sheets of steel.

Weapon Mechanisms

Firing Mechanism

Upon being pressed, power is drawn from an attached power generator that helps to power the superconductive coils. As the coils power up, a shell is pushed into the chamber before it is fired outward. The rail's within the coil-gun will fly forward, once the projectile is out of the tube, they’ll slowly retract backwards while building up another charge.

Unspent energy is then cycled into an onboard capacitor for use in powering the rails, thus reducing the amount of power needed for the second shot. Power can be sent into the capacitor to help enable the weapon to utilize its unlimited fire mode, without the powered capacitor it can’t use this mode.

The recoil of the weapon however can be considered quite heavy depending on where it is. If it’s on the back of a vehicle then the recoil will be relatively light thanks to the vehicle itself taking in the recoil. However, when mounted on a tripod, the tripod must be anchored to the ground or else the firing of the weapon could potentially break the shoulder of the person firing it.

Loading and Operation

There is a magazine well that is used to hold magazines; this well is on the left hand side of the rifle and ten degrees above the center. Cartridges can either be loaded through an automatic loader, which takes a shell from the magazine and moves it into the chamber. Or, the weapon can be loaded manually, reducing the weight of the rifle by several pounds.

When fired, the spent cartridge is jettisoned via the side panel into either an awaiting bag or just out into the air, depending on where the rifle is being used. The spent cartridge is ‘very’ hot and shouldn’t be handled without gloves.

Pulling the trigger halfway causes the weapon to be ‘cocked’ and ready to be fired at a moment’s noticed. This cocking also causes power to be sent into the capacitor, enabling the unlimited fire mode.

Safety and Fire Mode Selector

The weapon firing mode, Limited and Unlimited, along with the safety switch are three weapon buttons located just beneath the trigger guard. When one of the two firing modes is pressed, that button turns green while the other turns red. When safety is active, the firing mode buttons cease to function until the safety button is disengaged.

Firing Modes

The weapon's default firing mode is 'Limited Fire', this particular mode limited the amount of shells that can be fired in a certain period of time in order to keep the rifle from either overheating or becoming damaged. This mode is best used against singular targets or targets that are standing.

The secondary fire mode, known as 'Unlimited Fire', removes the majority of the rifles safety functions which allows it to fire multiple times without stopping, essentially allowing the user to put a considerable number of shells down-range either in an attempt to break through a vehicle armor plating or even the walls of a building. Potentially this can also be used to hit a moving target. When this mode is engaged, the rifles ability to turn itself when it starts to overheat won't function.

:!: Warning: Using the unlimited fire mode is not recommended when the weapon is on a tripod :!:

Firing Mode Notes
Limited Safety features engaged
Unlimited Safety features disengaged

Weapon Sight

The weapon uses telescopic sights for aiming the weapon and ensuring that the shells hit where they are supposed to, the scope has a 5x and 10x zoom capability that must be powered in order to function, the scope also displays range information, distance, and also had infra-red capabilities.

Attachment Hard Points

The rifle has several attachment points for optics or suppressors.

Mounting Point

The center bottom of the rifle has a mounting point so that the weapon can be placed on the mounting points of a vehicle, or even, on the magnetic base of the Mahurin Weapons Tripod.



  • Seru-chin Recoilless Rifle: 8,900 Rh (Available only to Military and City Guard Elite personnel)
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Superconductive Coils: 250 Rh
  • Scope: 100 Rh
  • Standard, sixty round magazine: 300 Rh
  • Extended, one hundred twenty found magazine: 600 Rh
Optional Attachments
  • Muzzle Suppressor: 800 Rh
  • Night Vision Optics: 800 Rh
x20 Libra Price Quick chart
Type Price (Per 30 round Magazine)
H-AT 150 Rh

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